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  1. would like to know this too.It also doesnt save my manager settings, stats, clothes etc when in comes to starting a new game even though im using the profile i created on start up...
  2. this - ive only seen the cbs split this way when having the fullbacks pushed forward to wbl/wbr slot too
  3. Games has been crashing mid match recently: have never had to submit a report before. whats the process? thanks
  4. Having an enjoyable save with Celta. just finished season 3 winning the title. just had a surprising news item though saying Barca wont be featuring in the champions league in 2018 despite finishing second due to FFP.
  5. can second this. came across this guy last night and he boosted my scouting knowledge from 16% to 30%. unreal knowledge.
  6. How can i change the team name in game? Gelsenkirchen just doesn't look right ha
  7. just finished season 2 of Lazio save. came 2nd in the league, 7 points off Juve but 10 clear of 3rd. won the Europa league. beating besiktias (sp) in final. im now ranked 21 in Europe yet my top players want to leave rulli is off to psg for 30. Timo Horn coming in as replacement. Keita is off to monaco for 30+. He was great for me but wasnt getting the starts over zivkovic and and Anderson as the two starting wide players. now sitting on a war chest of 75mil and a wage budget gap of about 400k so money to burn for the right player/s
  8. im trying to look at heat maps for the entire team in one go. so i tick the select all box but then I cant see how I can apply the filter to everyone. I have to individually click on their names and select the filter on every person? wasn't this long winded in 15
  9. In a bizarre coincidence i too am playing as Lazio and really struggling to get any kind of attacking flow at all. wide players seem so ineffective its unreal. Hopefully someone can offer some info to help us both ha
  10. is there a guide somewhere on how to use the match analysis? totally changed from last year and cant get it to display what i want at all. Thanks
  11. Finished season 1 with Lazio yesterday in a kind of respectable 4th spot. Really wanted 3rd and that champions league qualifier birth. I cashed in on a few of the aging stars at the beginning of the game like Biglia and Candreva and couldn't turn down the near 40mil offer from Utd for de vrij. I tend to buy players of the nationality of the country im playing in so splashed the cash on two of the brightest prospects in Italian football in Rugani and Beradi. cost close to 30mil each!! but they will be at the heart of what im going to try and build here. Am really happy with the core of the
  12. ok thanks. had never seen that players instruction page before ha
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