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  1. im all for dots, i like 3d alwell though. Each to his own. Dots adds to the imagination of the game and the enjoyment. I remember playing fm with my mate. His dot seemed to not have a clue. His words were "what is my dot doing" next thing, BANG, 35 yard goal. I was in awe because it was just a dot.
  2. could be to do with the number of non english players at the club? him and carragher are the only two english men who start in the first team ahh beat to it earlier lol
  3. its better to remain silent and let them think your an idiot than opening your mouth and removing all doubt.. so i keep it all in my head but yes i go to the toilet even if i dont need it to give my press confrences. Have seen me commentating in my head aswell. Football Pundit 09
  4. post of the year... Id say both of them are casual if you just think abou the tactics etc, It all becomes rather easy. Do miss my fm08 game though but im to into my career game with messina. Sounds more like a women than a football team though.
  5. when youve just spent the last hour of your life reading this topic or believing you have the managerial skills to get stranraer prmoted when expected to battle relegation, the humiliation
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