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  1. Oh you mean if my computer does not have the capabilities to play 3D, the drop down list won't work?
  2. How do you get the 3D view up and running, I can't find it!
  3. Oh yeah peeps, can anyone tell me how to view the match in 3D? I can't, and the drop down list only allows 2D.
  4. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story?id=588575&sec=england&cc=4716 ''With a total debt of more than £736 million, sacking the £100,000-a-year scouts will only scratch the surface in balancing the books - something Abramovich wants to see done by 2010." Why doesn't Chelsea have any debt in the game?
  5. Many people post their squads for help when their squads are already brilliant, to show off. Hopefully you are not one of those
  6. If I can't get Dani Alves....

    Marcelo is horrible defending. And use Ramos for now, get Alves when he requests a transfer.
  7. nch - Start of Season 1 Summary I spent in total 69M, is that the least here? Currently 8th in table after 10 games , and it was because of our poor start to the season. Now on a 5-match winning streak, in all competitions. I use two tactics, 4-4-2 and 4-5-1 after the horror start to the season. Both are working well and I'm climbing up the table. First Team Squad GK - Stuart Taylor (3M) and Ben Foster LB - Eduardo (2.2M) RB - Wes Brown (8.75M) CB - Thomas Vermaelen (6M) and Brian McLean (375K) CB - Federico Fazio (2.6M) and Richard Hinds (1.2M) DM - Alberto Zapater (7M) CM - Diego Buonanotte (350K) , John-Joe O'Toole (2M) , Steven Defour (3.4M) and David Jones (free) LM - Marcelo (5.5M) and Stewart Downing (10M) RM - Giles Barnes and Sidney Govou (7M) ST - Gregory Pujol (3.8M) and Dayro Monero (1.3M) Reserves Frederic Duplus (230K) Mamadou Sakho (425K) Sankhare (900K) -- Could be involved in first team. Sascha Weller (275K,regen) Georgino Wijnaldum (275K) Henri Saivet (450K) John Fleck (575K) -- Could be involved in first team. Aquino (575K) John Bostock (475K) Kwabena Agouda (5K) -- Will be involved in first team. Billy Sharp (LOAN) -- A backup. Total Players: 30 Future Signings: Daniel Alexandersson (free) Dean Bouzanis (450K) Galvan (625K) Gerson (60K) Henri Lansbury (975K) Daniel Pacheco (1.2M)
  8. Man City - Where to now?

    Well, wanna check out my Man City squad? Man City Squad I pretty much sold all my foreigners, and please add Crouch and Ben Foster in the squad, they are joining in Jan. Currently 2nd in table, after Arsenal.
  9. One question here mate: Were the players from the 8.02 database? Well Ramsey is currently in Arsenal and is a great talent but from the 8.02 database I noticed that he does not really turn out well (I improved his PA). But well, that isn't much of a matter.
  10. Thanks mate I'm willing to wait This is gonna be exciting, going to read the rules for a second time now.
  11. Foster can develop real well. Get him, and rotate the Gks
  12. Biggest and best flops.

    Hmmmmm, how about Juan Sebastien Veron? Flops of Man Utd and Chel$ki. Chel$ki had lots of flops like Kezman as well...
  13. I'm interested in this game but FileFront isn't working for me Can someone upload into other servers, e.g. Sendspace etc. Rapidshare won't work for me as well. Thanks.
  14. Start of Season 2 - Man City (nch) Signed Joey Barton, he's home-growned! Fans were disappointed but well, he won't get into fights in FM. O'Hara was signed as a backup to Downing. Released Hammann, Sun Jihai and Dickov. Squad Selection for Euro Cup Transfers Squad
  15. Walcott isn't good enough. Downing is a good LM though.