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  1. Ah yes the worst pass numbers for the PDM have comes when the Op has been playing a AM, having alook back it's still an issue against most formations except a flat 442, Possession in general s an issue though that could be more down to my quality of player.
  2. Following on from this, I've played Roma, Inter & Juventus for 3-0 1-0 and 2-2 all great results, in these 3 games we've limited the opposition to only 1 Clear Cut Chance & only 8 Half Chances, there is no denying the defensive strength of the 3 DMs, only things I changed from the original setup was to shorten the passing of the CBs & change the WBs to FBs. My only really issue is my FBs and GK and sometimes CBs having more possession than my PDM.
  3. I just didn't want to miss anything and be starting from a different point I reckon if i did then any opinion or stats i put up here would have little merit, I never thought it was a plug and play tactic, anyway sorted now.
  4. Actually it took around 30 mins because alot for the information is scattered around the thread rather than say just in the OP, I just wanted to have my team set up as close to yours to begin with so that when i tweak things for th better or most likely for the worse lol that it's be easy to see the difference quickly rather than having different starting points, I wasn't criticizing if thats how it read. Any who al good know... I've changed teams from Leeds to Cagliari and a really strange thing's happened i just can't seem to get my PM CDM on the ball, last 3 games I've played he's only had mid 2o's passes for the whole game where as my fullbacks are having 40-60 passes a game, i've tweked CBs passing to shorter, same with GK with little dfference... I'm a bit stumped
  5. Would have just saved me time emulating, no worries.
  6. Would it be possible to get the .tac from TomTuck? I'd like to have a play around with, not sure I've emulated it correctly in my game
  7. Really like how the 3 DMs work together, reminds me of Mourinho's Chelsea at their best, I've been trying two with 2 strikers and a AM rather than the 2 wingers and a striker, moderate success thus far.
  8. Basically I want him to be capable of all those things atleast in some way, first priority would be for him to be the focal point or most moves so an attacking playmaker, He shouldn't be roaming much instead setting up moves from the point of a diamond,
  9. Has any one been able to get a formation based around the No 10 role to work in this edition? ? Personally I've not been able to get the most out of a AM let alone base a formation around a No 10.
  10. Okay i'm an idiot there's an option on the go on holiday screen to disconnect a manger from network.
  11. Anyone? not a common problem i guess...
  12. I've tried putting him on holiday but that doesn't work
  13. Just wondering if anyone can help, i have a network game going with a mate but last time he was round he didn't have his laptop so we just played from the same PC but now i can't seem to find how to relinquish control of his team on my PC so that he can control them from his, Anyone help?
  14. Hi guys need a bit of help A mate and i started a game online though we were both at his place a few days ago and with Hamachi it was working fine i've since gone home and now he can't find the game when he clicks join network game, tried the ip address that's shown in Hamachi hasn't worked unfortunately, any help?