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  1. For International Football: 1) Training Camp: When the Club Season ends, the International manager should be able to take players who haven't been regularly in his squad on a training camp to Portugal or wherever and the coaches should give a report on the best and weakest players. (Happened at the end of last season, Ireland Manager, Trapatoni took Ireland to Portugal for a training camp.) 2) Recommending Players to Clubs: The International Manager should be able to recommend his players to other clubs. (Again, Trapatoni has recommended Alex Bruce to Fiorentina and Shay Given to Inter Milan etc)
  2. Recently I have noticed that it's said that European coaches prepare for the weekend game all week while British coaches leave it to the Thursday/Friday. This got me thinking that perhaps at the start of an fm week you could have the option of telling your players to take training really serious this week etc. I would also love to see the youth development side of the game updated as I love buying youngsters but they NEVER turn into first team players. In the training side of it you should be able to allow your team practice penalties.
  3. I have got a brilliant one: You can start the game as unemployed but as well as being offered positions as manager straight away, the manager could ask you to be reserve team manager say with Fulham then if Sanchez gets sacked you apply etc
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