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  1. Thanks pukkekind, I didn't know about the import thing. Never heard of that.
  2. Could you explain me how exactly to do it because when I've downloaded a tactic and restart the game i don't see any downloaded tactic in the archived tactics part..
  3. I may be stupid, but I don't know how to download tactics This tactic sounds pretty promising so I wanna give it a try but could someone explain how to download tactics? I put the tactic in the map Program Files->Sports Interactive-> Football Manager 2007-> Data-> Tactics. Isn't that right?
  4. Playars who are warming up at the line would be a good idea. Maybe, the subs begin with a condition of 80. Than every minute they're warming up, the condition is +1. So after 20 minutes he's absolutely fit to come into the field. Maybe it's better to begin with 90, but I think the idea is pretty realistic because IRL a player isn't fit if he hasn't warmed up. Any comments?
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