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  1. Almere: Jupiler League 2023/24 : Christmas Time A Happy Time Safe Above The Relegation Zone Ups and Downs and Still In The Cup : And A Rewarding Draw As We Welcomed The Neighbours Players Averaging Over 7 : Thomassen Stepping Up The Heat Once Again Results Rewarded By The Board Slowly Climbing The Coaching Ladder : One Day I Will Be Ready To Take Arsenal Back To Their Former Glory And In Other News
  2. Almere: Jupiler League 2023/24 : Welcome To Top Flight Football Definitely have to chuck a fiver on Strengthening the Squad and Removing The Deadwood. Bech Back With Seccombe A player I have always rated yet has never performed. Had him At Port Vale. Opening Game. Two Pens In The Last Minutes. Maybe An Omen Of The Madness Ahead After Scoring On Debut Bech Bags A Brace. Very Proud Of My Boy Could This Be His Year Top Flight Football : This Doesn't Seem So Bad. Ajax Looking Very Strong.
  3. Almere: Jupiler League 2022/23 : Het Voelt Goed A Good Run Leading Into The Play-Offs Can We Go Up : SEMI FINAL Seccombe Set For His First Experience In Top Flight Football The Board Are Buzzing Almere: 26 Year Old Club With A Highest Prior Place Of 13th Players Averaging 7+ New Signing Okoh : Seccombe's Only January Signing The Board Are Looking To The Future With A Focus On Youth Development We Are Coming For You Big Brother
  4. Almere: Jupiler League 2022/23 : Het Voelt Goed Goals Galore From Almere Jordy Thomassen : When I Joined He Had 2 Goals In 13 Games. Jordy Thomassen : 17 Goals in 13 Games Since I Joined The Club On a sadder note Richard has stayed at Southampton. The club did not offer the same ultimatum as I was offered and he chose to stay with the club. Could this be our Clough and Taylor fall out. Will we one day be back together! Will we one day lead Arsenal as we have always dreamed.
  5. Journeyman 2022/23 : An Adventure In Amsterdam - Almere (Jupiler League) Thanks for prior change. Please change again. Thank you very much.
  6. Almere: Jupiler League 2022/23 : Off To Amsterdam A Dutch Adventure Still A Chance For Promotion The Long Term Goal To Beat The Older Brother The Board Isn't Quite As Optimistic
  7. Southampton: Championship 2021/22 : Board Move Behind Seccombe's Back A Lesson In Football Politics Richard came to me last night with information that the board had moved two weeks prior for the signature of Birmingham City manager James Fullerton. A number of individuals with ownership in the club have made it clear that they felt I was not suitable for the job. After failing to qualify for the Premier League they have had further ammunition for their arguments. Today I was told that if I stay in the job I will be given the following restrictions - Only buy players from a shortlist provided by the Board. - Only Sell players with permission from Board . - Limit of 5 million pounds per signing with a maximum age of 23. There were a number of other rules put in place with this proposal from the board. I have to admit that this took me aback, I was being treated like a puppet. Maybe they didn't believe in my ability. Maybe they thought I was an idiot. I was not going work gagged and bound, not at this club. There was only one option. Looks like another summer in the sun pondering my future.
  8. Southampton : Championship 2021/22 : So Near and Yet So Far Through the Semis 9 Man Southampton Go Down On Penalties The Board Have Made It Clear That Failure Was Not An Option : Will Seccombe Stay At Southampton?
  9. Southampton : Championship 2021/22 : Time For The Play-Offs Play Off Semi Final Vs Leeds. Is Seccombe heading to the Prem.
  10. Southampton : Championship 2021/22 : Always takes time getting used to Superstars A tough yet promising start at St Marys The fans warming to Seccombe who looks to push for Automatic Promotion Two Immediate Signings For Seccombe Sebastian (19 Years Old) - Young Striker Seccombe Worked With In Spain and Has Always Had His Sights Set On Modric (36 Years Old) - Despite His Age A Player That Has Huge Effect In The Dressing Room and On The Paddock Top 5 Players Of The Season So Far March A Good Month For Southampton - Good Times Ahead Two Hat-Ricks World Class Almost There And Of Course
  11. Please can my Thread be changed from : Journeyman 2020 : Finally In The Football League - Port Vale (League 2) to [FM15] Journeyman 2022 : The Saints Go Marching On - Southampton (Championship) Thanks very much
  12. Southampton : Championship 2021/22 : Seccombe Signs For Southampton The Saints Go Marching On More Money Than I Have Dreamt Of - Over 19 Million Suddenly There Is Hope Of Premier League Football 20 Games Left In The Season And A Chance For An FA Cup Run Never Long Out Of The Premier League
  13. Port Vale: League 1 2020/21 : 5 Days Left To Run On My Contract Could I Be Moving Out Of Stoke On Trent Chairman Norman Smurfwaite (Smurf) Takes One Last Roll Of The Dice After long discussions With the Board, my future remains unknown. Before I made my final decision I went out with Richard to Vale Park and sat quietly in the dugout. We knew that our minds were made up. Port Vale had never felt like home and despite near back to back promotions and our first ever experience in the football league our future was not here. As we sat there I pulled out my phone, going to recent calls and making the fourth call in as many days to our old stomping ground in Brazil, Atletico Acreano. Hector the chairman of the club gave us a huge opportunity at his club and for that we will be forever grateful. The conversation went on longer than anticipated and involved for the most part Hector trying to persuade us to come back the sunny land of Brazil. This is something I think we both feel strongly against, that said Hector confirmed our decision and we knew that our time at Port Vale was up.
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