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  1. Id like to see a small addition to the tactical part of the game, more specifically a "tactical fouling" slider. This would be a variation on time wasting and could be used to break up the game and frustrate the opponents, but on the other hand it could also lead to an increased risk of getting one of your players booked.
  2. Maybe not so much a new idea more of a brand extension and seperate product, but how about an FM Encyclopedia of Football (on DVD not book form, with statistics, biography's and facts about players, clubs, officials, grounds, competitions etc, not just a current database but maybe a retrospective one aswell. You could have a complete record of league placings and cup finals, so if you wanted to find out where your team finished in 1935 for example you could look it up, likewise if you wanted to find out the score and scorers of a particular cup final you could do that as well, call it the "Encarta" of the football world if you will, anyway just a thought.
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