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  1. Just a random idea... At a World Cup or European Championships etc. you should be able to be invited to a TV show like MOTD then have questions put to you like the press conference way! What you think?
  2. Bring back the arrows from 08 on the tactics screen they were way better than this years little attack neutrul or defend!!!
  3. help new coaches with potential to get there coaching badges! and the same with pro's going into coaching!
  4. i would like to see a part on the management were you could complain about a tackle in a match which didnt have any action taken to it and your player got injured! you should be able to say you want action to be taken like a 3 game ban or something!! Also appealing to the fa so it works every so often never seen it work myself!! Board interaction should be improved must be improved!! More options on player interactoin! Transfer talk like the bbc gossip bit a whole part just like that! Maybe a monthly magazine which has manager of the month signings player interviews tables of leagues which you have chosen! 50 best players out side the premership! things like that! News storys about big players being put on the transfer list etc.
  5. I have had a look around on the wishlist and there are some really good ideas but then there are people who may aswell just play fifa manager!! To me i think that SI should have a look at the following there is probs more that they could do to! 1.Sponsorship- Choose who sponsors you when a deal runs out that kind of thing! 2.Better interaction with the fans(alot of people seem to want this) 3. You should be able to interact with your chairmen and have the chance that you don't get along fall out like Mourinho did! And fall out with the fans if you are doing not so good you should hear them in games shouting sack him! 4. I would like to see more African leagues and a couple more league onto the English leagues! 5. Assistant manager option- alot of people would like this but there a alot of people who say its stupid! but i think it would be very good because if you are online with your mate you coul manage his under 18's and reserves and maybe get noticed and getter bigger jobs! 6. Youth systems- see who is coming up from the under 10's or further and sign them at a young age if you think they will become good! 7.Being able to change the kits this could help merchandising sales but could only be done once every 2 years. 8. Reccomend players to other managers like with your feeder clubs or if SI add favoured personel to your manager then if someone else has you as a favoured personel then you could then. 9. Keep match engine the same a few people want this changed but i think it is fine as it is obvously its not perfect but its still brilliant for me! 10.Be able to build club shops etc. this could help finances! 11. Being able to do the clubs finaces better or employ people to help you! 12.better take overs like liverpool at the moment! or QPR,Man City...etc..!! There you go thats my view and i still have other ideas!! Wow this was GEEKY but o well i love FM!!!
  6. More African leagues ivory coast etc. another tier down in england! Carribean leagues! But I cant see all of this happening unfortunatly!!!
  7. I would like to see the training aspect of fm improved! For example i would like them just to make it so that you do the training each day or could leave it for the coaches.
  8. i would also like to see improvement onto the scouting i like it at the moment but i believe the scouting and the youth part could be so much better with things like training camp around places and the bigger your club then the further your scouting can go!
  9. stadium expansions/new i believe you should have to neogotiate with the board on the capacity and how much it would cost. also i think that the whole of the finance control system should be revamped with things like ticket prices at the start of each season. Also better board interaction and fan interaction you should be able to tell the fans to make the attendances better etc.
  10. another thing that i would like to see is maybe the ivory coast leagues or some african country league look and there international players they look class and maybe there are some in the leagues! that we dont know of!
  11. Now i know im gonna get stick for saying this but i would like to have the option of being an assitant manager! My reasons for this are say if you are not doing great with a team get sacked and then get a the assistant job at a club and control the reserves and under 18's then people might notice you! and also it would be good for when you are online with your mates! If you dont want to be an assistant manager then just dont take the job if you are offered it in the game! or have it as a download then we who want to do this can and those who dont can carry on!
  12. The Cornwall Duchy Leagues all the way down to that level in England that would be RICH!!!!!
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