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  1. Defending body shape is odd. Scenario is, opposition Mid plays ball into strikers feet in our defensive third. My CB closes down and in the challenge the ball runs back and the CB gets it under control. My FB at this point is slightly behind the CB and is facing the goal, he opens up his body and begins to shuffle across to open up some space, but then turns and runs towards the corner. The CB then plays a square pass which hits the FB on the heel which the opposition striker then picks up and crosses into goal and they score. The FB should have continued to face the play and run backwards opening up to receive and then play forward.
  2. Is it just me or did everything just get really small. On 125% zoom I can hardly read anything.
  3. Crowd noise seems skewed. Watched ManU v someone in a friendly, full stadium noise levels seemed appropriate. Then watched Salford V Deeping in a freindly, noisiest 160 people I have ever heard . It would be better if levels were toned better according to numbers.
  4. Do you know how good the DoF is at keeping within the wage budgets deltablue, or is that dependant more so on their attributes.
  5. >your club<, team policy>U18(or reserves)>tick use current first team tactics short answer yes *sigh* two digit typing means too slow....
  6. Depends on how much time I have to play. It can be anywhere from 7-10 matches in a session or as little as three. Then it also depends which part of the season you are at. A transfer window can take me up to 10 plus hours to go through depending upon what is happening. Then there is processing from I think what is about 70 leagues running. Also in the last two season I began attending all my reserve and U18 matches where I could, those however, I switch to key highlights only. So all in all it is a slow running game so to speak. Not everyones cup of tea, but I like it. But as I haven't really answered your question, with work, life etc about two to three human weeks thereabouts. My first save on FM 12 was about three weeks after release and I am about halfway through 2015, and last played that save about three weeks ago. It is probably dead in the water as I have the add/remove leagues issue which kind of bogged everything up pretty bad. I may try and persevere, as, it was just getting interesting with new gens, players developing and the like.
  7. You could possibly work it the other way around. I have steam in offline mode all the time. The only time I changed it is when there was a patch. I also turn off the internet on my system as I run in full screen mode, as such avoiding the chance of a system update whilst playing. To date, touch wood, I am yet to have any issues of playing
  8. Jonathan Wilson: Author, Journalist Iain Macintosh: Journalist
  9. Not to doubt your word, but if the media is reporting that x club has agreed personal terms with x player, but are yet to come to an arrangement on the transfer fee, then I don't think that constitutes tapping up. To drag up an old one , from my understanding Teves had agreed personal with a couple of potential clubs, the problem was always the fee Man City were wanting .
  10. On Player interactions, half time, full time, private chats etc. One thing that bothers me is not being able to tell my defence that their passing is carp. The options available only allow to you criticise defending, yet when the pass completion rates are low I want to tell them to up their passing game. Similarly with inside forwards and attacking midfielders, the option to comment on their striking is not available. They could be controlling the midfield well, yet shots at goal are carp, so again would like to be able to address this with players.
  11. Regarding transfers I wouldn't mind seeing the ability to agree to terms with a player prior to the bid being excepted. It is something that for all intensive purposes appears to happen quite regularly.
  12. I agree, coming back into pre season you would expect players to be rusty not starting all over again as is most often the case. As with the influence,(as you have mentioned) not sure, but it does get annoying with the back room and or players harping on about not enough, or, should be doing more on match prep. Especially players as I would assume that would have greater implications on match performance.
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