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  1. Defending body shape is odd. Scenario is, opposition Mid plays ball into strikers feet in our defensive third. My CB closes down and in the challenge the ball runs back and the CB gets it under control. My FB at this point is slightly behind the CB and is facing the goal, he opens up his body and begins to shuffle across to open up some space, but then turns and runs towards the corner. The CB then plays a square pass which hits the FB on the heel which the opposition striker then picks up and crosses into goal and they score. The FB should have continued to face the play and run backwards opening up to receive and then play forward.
  2. Is it just me or did everything just get really small. On 125% zoom I can hardly read anything.
  3. Crowd noise seems skewed. Watched ManU v someone in a friendly, full stadium noise levels seemed appropriate. Then watched Salford V Deeping in a freindly, noisiest 160 people I have ever heard . It would be better if levels were toned better according to numbers.
  4. Do you know how good the DoF is at keeping within the wage budgets deltablue, or is that dependant more so on their attributes.
  5. On Player interactions, half time, full time, private chats etc. One thing that bothers me is not being able to tell my defence that their passing is carp. The options available only allow to you criticise defending, yet when the pass completion rates are low I want to tell them to up their passing game. Similarly with inside forwards and attacking midfielders, the option to comment on their striking is not available. They could be controlling the midfield well, yet shots at goal are carp, so again would like to be able to address this with players.
  6. Purely cosmetic, though I figure if it were in the game people would use it. When setting up a game there is the option to add a Manager Picture, most don't seem to, others go from the amusing to the risque. An alternative would be that you select from a range of regen faces that change(age) over time as player regens/newgens do Set pieces and player settings. Pretty sure it has been mentioned , but I would like to select my set pieces based on the player as opposed to position, my DM for example is better on the far post than staying back if needed. Then my other Dm is better going forward than being on the far post. So being able to select via the player as opposed to position would be better. Similar situation with player instructions, it would be preferable to set these (and set pieces) in the player profile screen rather then re-jigging when substituting. It could be done by adding a tactics tab to the player profile screen. It could look something like this
  7. It started out just adding player images... then I just got carried away
  8. Yes, he is still developing in his new role though, but coming along nicely. The guy has great pace, his crossing skills are not bad, reads the game well. So as a wingback moving into a forward position I figure it allows him more time to see the game a little clearer and hopefully be more dangerous. His stats below are quite promising. Besides, if Wenger could do it with Cole, I cannot see why I cannot transform Younes He may not look like much, but I am quite happy with him, he went through a rough patch and was down to about two stars. I knew it was my fault so I have been on the resurrection trail with Jamaal. He is coming good, and is performing quite well. Is very much part of the first team now, but not as a starter needs some more work yet. Tim Howard is holding down the number one spot still. I am aiming to give him a few more starts this season in the Premier League. Tim though, I have a feeling, will want to play another couple of seasons yet. So the young fellow, will need to either force his way in or Howard needs to begin to fail miserably.
  9. Everton, season 2014-15 Tim Howard Goal Keeper Younes Belhanda......Phil Jagielka......John Heitinga......Leighton Baines ...Wing Back (A)............Central Defender (D)...Central Defender (D).........Wing Back (A) Marouane Fellaini Defensive Midfielder (D) Josip Ilicic.......Jack Rodwell ...Ball-winning Midfielder (S)....Ball-winning Midfielder (S) ....Erik Lamela.......................................................................Eduardo Salvio Inside Froward (A).......................................................................Inside Froward (A) Omer Damari Deep-Lying Froward(A) Subs/Rotation Players GK Laurentiu Branescu, DR Seamus Coleman, David Soley, DL Ryan Bertrand DCR Jamaal Lascelles, DCL Sylvain Distin DM Giulio Miglaccio, MCR Tim Cahill, Mads AlbæK, MCL Ross Barkley AMR Magaye Gueye, AML Leon Osman, ST Carlos Ferro, Hallam Hope
  10. I have noticed that when you attend reserve or youth team matches you cannot have a private chat and comment on their performance. Whilst it can be assumed that the respective managers do that, I on the other hand would also like to be able to comment. It would I think, be good to be able to say to one of the reserve or youth players that they are doing/did well in their respective teams, and what is more it has not gone unnoticed, by me the first team manager. Given that you can discipline a player for poor performance in either reserves or youth without having to go to the match, it does seem strange that you cannot also praise. Obvious benefits would be morale boost and an increase in determination, possible increase in work rate... maybe.
  11. Whilst I haven't had personal experience with this when it was in the game I have read some animated discussion regarding it, and it wasn't overly positive. In thinking about it, I have reservations. It can only really operate in a couple of ways, 1: By setting various times and options as you have suggested, it adds to the overall workload and thereby has the effect of what the training module currently has. Which in essence then it becomes mainly a cosmetic feature giving an illusion of doing something more, and in turn would end up creating uproar amongst users a s being a pointless feature, time wasting, too involved etc or 2:By setting various times and options as you have suggested, it has a much greater impact and, in the event you set the wrong schedule or regimen the potential for a damaging effect is greatly increased. Which then creates the same uproar from people saying it is too complex, time wasting , just give me back the old training module where I can set a schedule and be done with it thread. I am however happy to be convinced otherwise
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