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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edusport_Academy It's not a bug, it's an academy created specifically for French players, similar to the Glenn Hoddle Academy that used to be in Spain.
  2. No chance, our whole problem that game was we could only run it directly in the midfield as we had Alli, Sterling and Lingard, so Kane was having to track back to win the ball back so he could play with the ball as them 3 didn't look to pass down the middle. We only started to open it up again when Loftus Cheek came on as he'd look up to play the ball.
  3. Started off as Blackburn and have walked league 1. Only bought in Sam Field on loan, oh and also Michael Dawson in January. Chapman and Armstrong were extremely good, as was Bradley Dack. In the championship I've had to bring in a few more faces to strengthen the team, although mainly loanees due to the paltry transfer budget of 800k. Got LB Angelino for a free off Man City, Joe Rothwell for 100k from Oxford as a squad player and Jason Lowe and Simon Cox on frees. All have been great signings, Cox gets goals, Lowe a good ball winner and work horse and Angelino a solid attacking FB.
  4. Don't panic buy players just because they're big names or experienced, make sure they suit your team and intended line up. Especially check things like personalities, I've too often impulse purchased bigger name players who just haven't blended into the squad and often out performed by players of lesser ability.
  5. Has anyone else noticed Giroud appearing as a key player for Montpellier?
  6. I agree tbh. Not sure if its me getting better or the game getting easier, but can definitely do more this year with a tin pot team than I could in say FM11 or CM4!
  7. How much did El Shawaary want for you? I got him end of the first season for his buyout with wages the same as what he was getting at AC (I think 60k?). Was worth it for me as he got me 15 or so goals the first season! Didn't get Digne in either. Bought in Alex Telles from Galatasary as he was one of the best value LBs I could find, and Torosidis can play there more than well enough. Got to admit Florenzi has been a lot better for me on the right wing than Salah, got the leagues highest assists. Looking forwards to seeing how Gerson does, also wanna see if I can get Iturbe playing as well fo
  8. I usually find players of big up and coming footballing nations like Japan, USA and S. Korea work. They're usually big population countries, with only a few quality internationals. Hopefully that makes sense?
  9. Anyone else playing as Roma? If so how are you finding Dzeko? Struggling to get him playing well at all as the majority of the wide players are best suited as inside forwards, and he's best as a target man, so not getting the balls in... Very tempted to sell him if I can get near his current 27 mill value. Finding in general it's a strangely balanced side this year, with a strong starting 11 but not much else. Defo want to get S El Shawaaaaary in on a permanent, and potentially Digne, as they're both looking very good.
  10. I dunno, I think they have to some extent. Vary rarely do I find new signings from abroad adapt to the Premier League straight away. That being said, I think one potential downfall is the way scouts for England may rate the Premier Leagues physical states very differently to say Spain, so a strong Spanish player in game may not actually be as strong as the Premier League equevelant in real life. If that makes sense?
  11. Have done this with both Leeds and Everton to some extent. Found it worked well with these teams as they've both a strong English core. A Though like you say English players do cost a lot, especially those with a low current ability but lots of potential, no one wants to sell them!
  12. Ben Garratt of Crewe and Dennon Lewis of Watford both look like very very good players now in the new update
  13. Looking at Drinkwater this season, he doesn't look any worse than the players in question. Its a tricky line as a player performing well and on form would need to have higher ratings due to how FM works. Its not like FIFA for example where the players are controlled by a human, so if someone is performing well and getting praise like Drinkwater has, he would need a stat boost. There isn't any other way to replicate it in the game.
  14. won the league in the 2nd season, by the skin of my teeth!!!! At one point was 10 points ahead at the top of the league due to an easy run, but at the end won by 1 point. Got very very lucky transfer wise, bringing in Rulli, Zivkovic and ljajic on free's whilst selling Lukaku for 50 mill and Mirrallas and Romi for around 10 mill each. Also bought in Berahino for about 25 mill and Callum Wilson for 20 mill to make up for the lack of strikers. Berahino blew hot and cold, but Wilson was quality. Wilshere also came in at Jan for 10 mill. Got Lewis Cook and Demarai Grey in for the future too, as
  15. He's often going for free after the 2nd season in my experience, if not already being listed. Personally wouldn't touch him with a 10ft barge pole due to his injury issues.
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