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  1. You tell your wife that van der Vaart has signed for Real Madrid and she reminds you that you're supposed to prefix all game-related updates with "In the game..." And you then say, no this one's for real. He really did sign for Real.
  2. Some thoughts... Match Engine Having played now to 2021 with FM 8.0.2. I'd like to see more events in the Match Engine to reflect better what goes on in a real game. Having just watched all but 4 of the Euro 2008 games on telly, I started comparing the goals (and the moves that led to the goals) to what FM can do. Sad, I know, but... There were loads of things IRL that do not happen in the Match Engine, and the challenge for SI is to improve. Some examples: Germany v Portugal Podolski plays a "double 1-2" with Lahm (or Hitzlsperger) then with Ballack to then squeeze by on the left wing and cross for Schweinsteiger, who came in off the right wing. Great move, great goal. Russia v Netherlands Fantastic team move for Arshavin to finish. Switzerland v Turkey The rain was so heavy, parts of the pitch became almost unplayable, so the ball just stopped dead, such as for Switzerland's goal. Another aspect of the Match Engine that needs improvement is the angles at which a ball can be played. For example, in FM, a player may be running full tilt after a ball heading for the goal line. When the ball is played, it is cleared at 180 degrees to the direction of the run, and with a force that would simply not be possible with a back heel. At Premier League level, players going for headers when defending a corner more often head the ball for another corner than I would have noticed IRL. The Match Engine has "cute" touches, such as physios running onto the pitch, but it's half baked. Either leave it out or make it consistent: * If a physio comes on, escort the player to the nearest touchline, then have the player run back around to the technical area to come back on. * In penalty shoot outs, have the players of the same team huddle or lock arms rather than be randomly assembled in the centre circle. * In penalty shoot outs, have the assistant referees take up their correct positions. * Have a fourth official, give them something to do. * Have the trainers and co-trainers visible, including "yourself". * Add graphical elements to signify when a player is on the ground, jumping, making a slide tackle, that sort of thing * jumping = add a shadow, similar to when the ball is in the air * on gound = some kind of indentation maybe? * slide tackle = a couple of short lines on the outside of the "dot" in the direction of the slide (a bit like speed lines in comics, perhaps) * crunching tackle = a short "blip" of light around the "dot", maybe, to signify a really hard tackle Commentary The original commentary system was great. With the introduction of the 2D match view, the commentary has become like a relic of another time. (Yes, I know some players play with commentary only.) It's also logically inconsistent, giving you a radio/TV view of events, when you're the manager and you should be getting different information. * Have the option to switch off the commentary in 2D view mode. * Alternatively, make the commentary more relevant to what's on the pitch, e.g. I don't need to know "X passes to Y" because I can see that. But make the commentary what your co-trainers are picking up from the game, like "X is out of sorts today, pull him off at half time" -- give your assman an opinion! * If you must have the commentary, make it more contextual, like taking note of the weather conditions (already happens with rain), but also pointing out if someone is fading in heat or humidity, some southern team is looking uncomfortable in the snows of Moscow, whatever. Don't have someone slide on both knees during a goal celebration if the ground is hard and dry... While talking about the conditions... Fix the Weather Having coached Hamburg for 12 seasons, I didn't think much about the constant rain, that's what you'd expect, but I took a job at Real Madrid and I'm sick of seeing 3 degrees on a July afternoon, then 30 degrees in November. Get the basics fixed so they stop being an issue. Transfers Sometimes it becomes impossible to shift players, that's a recurring theme. Only a few players should refuse to move when transfer listed, and there should always be some club to make an offer. * If you declare someone unavailable for Loan, don't have clubs make loan offers. * If you set "Accept offers of X or better", then stop having clubs make offers of less. I'm not going to go lower! * Every player should have a price that's realistic More when I think of it.
  3. I thought the Glazers had saddled all of the 600 million debt onto ManU's balance sheet, so servicing that debt will be reflected in the game through monthly repayments. Loads of clubs have bank debt, especially those that built new stadia. Would be interesting to see what Arsenal's monthly repayments are like, or Schalke in Germany. Real Madrid continually get bailed out by the Spanish state, or is it the city of Madrid? They were virtually bankrupt recently until the city of Madrid agreed to buy their training grounds for a sweetheart deal and lease them back to the club for a stupidly small sum. So, while ManU is financially strong, it would be interesting to see whether the 30 million profit is operating profit or does it include all servicing of debt? Are there any accountants here? Maybe you can explain that better than me.
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