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  1. All strikers have very good and superb morale, managed to win 1-0 away to Pompey in my next game. I think one slight issue is that teams ultra defend against Utd and as such your not going to get lots of easy chances with 8 or 9 of the opposition packing out their box, the thing is though with so much pressure on these "lesser" players you would expect more mistakes due to lack of quality and concentration, but somehow they defend perfectly almost all of the time.
  2. Just thought i'd share my first few games with you all using this tactic. I had already started this save with Man Utd after coming across another tactic that worked great with Liverpool and West Ham, but it was somehow poor with Man Utd? Anyway, i d/loaded Tylers tactic and these were the results/stats from my first 5 games. I JUST WANT TO POINT OUT THAT I'M IN NO WAY BLAMING TYLERS TACTIC FOR WHAT HAS HAPPENED. I'VE USED TYLERS TACTICS IN THE PAST AND THEY HAVE BEEN FANTASTIC, AS I'M SURE THIS ONE WILL BE.
  3. Come on Tyler pull your finger out mate, its Saturday afternoon and i'm bored, West Ham dont play til tomorrow and i wanna test this tactic!
  4. Cannot d'load it for some reason??? Any chance of another hosting site?
  5. Hey Tyler Decided to have another go using your V6 Tester Tactic with Wigan in a brand new game. Our Media Prediction was 16th - Here is the Final Table Absolutely brilliant and with a little more luck in the last few games we could have actually nicked 5th. I'm actually a little way into the 2nd season now and things have not gone as well as last season, despite bringing in much better players with the £31M the Board gave me to spend(for qualifying for a European spot i guess?) In the first season i brought in 10 players and we were "operating well short of a unit" yet started the seas
  6. Hey Tyler, Just a little feedback after testing both the V6Tester and V6Final tactics. Home Not sure why, but the V6Tester massively outdone the V6Final tactic in my save with West Ham? Better performances and ratings all round from my players. Away I have gone back to using the 4-4-1-1 Tester tactic of yours i was using, as i simply cannot get a performance out of my team using either of the V6 tactics? Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea all put 4 goals past me using the V6, whilst i generally get a good performance at least by using the 4-4-1-1. Most teams were having 15-20 shot
  7. Thats right swash mate, your Ass Man will make tactical changes he see's fit during the matches he's in charge, which is why Holiday Mode is practically useless when testing a tactic.
  8. Tyler - Is this new version V5 different to the one i was testing? If so, could i ask how? Thanks mate Garry(i did send a PM)
  9. Thanks mate, i'll PM you with how i get on! One small issue regarding the advice, i dont speak Portuguese? (lol)
  10. Sadly the new patch 9.3.0 version does not work with my West Ham side. Performances are largely poor, its looking more and more like my FM days are over?
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