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  1. Anybody knows how? I cant for some reason .. because mostly the board rejects because of not meeting their valuation of the player. I have had this before... it doesnt look like a bug but its weird and there must be a way.thanks in advance !
  2. Nice! Thank you - kinda difficult this year the game with 4 defender tactics ...
  3. I am having the same problem.. already updated Graphic Drivers... no success... Game crashes on the 1st Feb 2017....
  4. Thank you just did that and steam is updating . ie .. downloading .. hope this works and btw i did updated Nvidia drivers as well before.... UPDATE -> so far so good ... looks like the game is working again! Thank you!!
  5. I have tried the solution from the website: but it didnt work! - I had already the latest NET Framework installed... - Installed Direct X - and deleted all "d3dx9" files from C:System, etc... just like explained on the forum. Help is much appreciated .. my game is and i always bought it legally!
  6. Thank you. Maybe i will.... Just to add to the possible solution, maybe this has to do with the latest update databases. I played previous saves, and did not get this crashdump.
  7. I am having the same issue. I have tried all solutions mentioned.. deleted cache preferences check integbrety .. re installed game. nothing is working so far...
  8. ok, just plugged the tac in at HT. Game was 0-0 playing at home being fav. great deal of possession and shots and corners! 60th min 1-0... 65th min 2-0 .. ok it looks very promising... now the only Q is when your the underdog and or away games... ? 70th min ... 3-0
  9. hey pr0 , thx for the notice we're all awaiting at least i am wanted to start a new save today... thx for all ur hard work
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