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  1. I'm doing a save with Leverkusen at the moment. Great core with Leno, Bender, Son. About 5 seasons in, won the CL but never finished higher than 3rd in Bundesliga. Takes time to beat Bayern monopoly plus so many other good teams. Team now looks like this: GK: Bernd Leno LB: Ben Davies RB: Sebastian Jung CB: Jonathan Tah CB: Mattias Ginter DMC: Emre Can DMC: Nicklas Stark AML: Hueng-Min Son AMC: Mario Gotze AMR: Julian Brandt ST: Timo Werner
  2. ^^^ wow that's amazing. Poor Southampton! Saved yourself about £50m there. What about Schneiderlin?
  3. Great thread, I love Betis, been my favourite team throughout all FM games. Inspiring me to start a new one. Hoping to recreate my best ever moment 35 seasons in...
  4. Man I wish I'd seen Erazo earlier for my Fenerbahce save. He went to Ajax for £185k and now worth £5.5m.
  5. So weird, that's exactly what I did in my second season, the same 3 players. I don't think Guidetti scored more than one goal so he went at the end of the season. Werner was fantastic though.
  6. Now in my third season, still not won anything and not made it further than first knockout of CL. I actually regressed to finishing third in season two after second place in my first year. My main signings over the summer were another GK (Timo Horn) to challenge Unnerstall. I wanted Ter Stegen but he's too pricey. I also added Timo Werner but he's a back up to Mitrovic. Once Werner develops I'll sell on KJH and save fortune on wages. Currently my squad looks like this: GK - Horn/Unnerstall LB - Aogo/Kolasinac CB - Balanta/Papadopolous CB - Howedes/Matip RB - Trasch/Howedes CM - Neustadter/Kolasinac CM - Goretzka/KPB/Berisha AML - Draxler/Brandt AMC - Meyer/KPB AMR - Clemens/Bruno ST - Mitrovic/KJH/Werner
  7. Just bought FM14 after not playing for 3 years. Started with Schalke. I too had to sell Fuchs to Monaco after he wanted to leave. Managed to drive the price up to about £9m though. I bought Valon Berisha and Julian Brandt is signing in January. I also got Maxwell on loan from PSG as LB cover but will need to replace both him and Aogo in the summer. Not a fan of Uchida so I play Howedes at RB and Matip/The Greek as my CB's. Jones has been my best midfielder so I extended his contract. Clemens has easily outperformed Farfan already. Biggest worry is when KPB or KJH get hurt as Meyer is a little young and Szalai a little too poor to adequately replace them. Great squad though, really enjoying this game.
  8. Most people have been playing this game for so many years, come on here finding out who are the best players, tactics, training etc. Is it any wonder that you do so well?
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