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  1. Ok, so I decided that I would try to follow this as closely as possible. There are just a few questions I have, which I'm sure anybody with a decent knowledge on diets could answer... Firstly, that much milk? I would assume that the fat content would be bad for me. Also should I be having semi-skimmed rather than full fat? Next, is there anything else other than Chicken that could be recommended, such as fish? I think that it will just become tedious, no matter how many ways I cook it. As far as the calorie dense snack goes, would home made cookies be appropriate or too much. I probabl
  2. Again, appreciated Kenny Will try and start it tomorrow, i'm sure I have most of what you mentioned in the house so it should be straight forward.
  3. I would assume regular walking or equivalent. I agree the category descriptions are too vague.
  4. O.K. I've followed that thorough, and I ended up with this (I've kept the workings in, just in case I screwed up). 78*17.5+651=2016 2016*1.4=2822.4 So, at the moment, I play 5-a-side about 4 times a week, so 2400cals (I assume) 2400/7=343cals By the above, 3165.4 daily So, I'd have to reduce it to - 2690.6. I assume the above is correct for me :/ and I should be aiming for a diet with that in mind?
  5. Oh, and I feel I could loose some weight, as I've already stated in my initial post, I seemed to have put a bit on around my thighs.
  6. I am definitely determined enough kenny. I just don't want to start without knowing exactly what I am doing (as I have done in the past). Anyway, unfortunately the scales have broken or the battery is dead. Although, the last time I checked (about a week ago) I was 12 stone 3, so that shouldn't be too far off what I am now. I am approximately 170cm as well, I say approximately because the method I used wasn't entirely accurate - but should be good enough for now, maybe?
  7. You are spot on with your assumptions. In all honesty, it's not only that I have a bad die (i.e. eating fatty foods, snacking alot etc.) I also have no real structure to my meals, having a pretty hectic life style. Any guidance would be welcome.
  8. OK OTF I need your help, well more specifically regular gym users or professional coaches etc. Having taken a year out of playing competitive football (at a good standard I hasten to add) it has become clear to me that my fitness is in tatters. I do still play the odd 5-a-side game, but I clearly cannot run for the entirety of the game. I have also put on a fair bit of weight (surprisingly most on my behind and thighs - I still have a pretty flat stomach). Anyway, I am confident that I will re-sign for my old club for the start of next season, but I clearly need to get a decent level of
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