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  1. This is one of my biggest pet peeves in FM2020. I have no idea why it's always ignored, for nearly a decade now. Can someone from SI look into this and at least tell us if it's under review or being looked at?
  2. I just want to add, I noticed even my Korean goal keeper (my starting keeper on my save I uploaded) is also of a very dark skin tone. Earlier it was just a slight tan. He appeared fair skin during the matches prior to the patch.
  3. Okay here are the save files. Please note I have combined the save and the readme for this bug and also the following bug found at this thread; Dull Lighting + Regen Skin Tone Bugs - Sydney666.fm readme.txt
  4. Yep, I am uploading my save game on the other thread you replied to. Same save, and I have examples. When you check out my save, just go to any of the latest Stuttgart home games, played at night. You can easily see how washed out everything is and how there is almost a "sunglasses" effect on everything. It's like a layer of grey tint has been applied to the match engine for night games. It's pretty obvious to see, especially for me since I have made some massive lighting mods for Skyrim lol.
  5. Found where to upload. Doing it now. The file name will be called "Dull Lighting + Regen Skin Tone Bugs - Sydney666.fm" and it will be zipped up with a README file with examples. I will post here again when it's uploaded successfully.
  6. Yeh the sounds are really messed up for me as well. My major gripe is no one cheering when a goal is scored. Makes sense when an away side scores, but not a home side. SI have to begin putting sound higher up in their priorities. It's been the same thing for over a decade and the last few iterations of FM there are sound bugs that barely get seen or fixed. At least they fixed some looping sounds for this release.
  7. Sure, just tell me where and I will get on it right away. I will give you details of a few players who drastically changed, and also some of the matches where even the lighting has become dull and washed out. My white kits have now become grey kits when playing night games. These two bugs, together have really put a dent into my immersion. Thanks for the reply and hopefully it can be fixed or reverted. I didn't have a problem before, so this fix seems more like a bug instead.
  8. I just realised my totally white skinned Argentine centreback is also now probably the darkest skin tone possible. How can this be? I can't remember the last time I saw a totally dark skinned Argentine player in real life. Now the national side is full of dark skinned players. Of all the teams I am checking, which has regens - there are now mostly dark skinned. I know this sounds like a racist rant, but it's not. I think "fixing" a bug with newgen skin tone has resulted in a worse scenario.
  9. This is happening to me too. Please undo this change. There was nothing wrong with my newgen faces, now loads of white players in my team are dark skinned. It's jarring to suddenly see my beloved players looking different on the pitch. It destroys the immersion. Our attachment to our wonderkids is probably the most immersive and addictive part of the game.
  10. This is a bit of an issue though, fixed bug or not. It's absolutely jarring to see youth players suddenly changed from a white toned skin to suddenly dark. I use real life photos for my 5 star regens, that match the exact skin tone of players that come through the ranks. Some of my players I have had for 8 seasons. My white skinned French International is actually VERY dark skin toned now. I can't even tell its him anymore. Now the modded photo doesn't match. As someone with severe OCD with these types of bugs, it makes me not want to play anymore. It's really frustrating to probably have to find new faces for these players. The immersion of the game is SUPER important to us fans. The game already lacks it because of poor sound and graphics and then when the little things we become attached to, such as our newgens/regens - when they suddenly change - it does frustrate us. You say some skin tones weren't realistic and were fixed - but it's incredible how my pasty white right back and my fair skinned AMC are not "slightly darker", they literally look like they are of African descent now. Sorry if this might sound racist at all... nothing to do with that - just want to make that clear.
  11. I use real photos (a mod) for my regens and im in my 8th season so some of my youth players are now in their early to mid 20's. I am used to the "Real face" mod that I am using. If a regen was a white guy, I would find a real photo that sort of matched how he looked. If the person was dark skinned, then I would find a real photo of a dark skinned person and so forth. Since 20.3.0, all of my regen faces have changed. I noticed my typical white players skin toned wonder kids have all changed and this is ruining immersion. I am so used to my regens the way they are, and how they matched the photos I got for them. The bug isn't the mod, I removed the mod and I noticed my once white French wonderkid is now dark skinned. I also read that SI made tweaks to this. It didn't need tweaking. What you did is suddenly alter everyones "Fantasy universe" and made everyone look suddenly different. It's jarring to see my usual light haired French player, suddenly looking like hes actually dark skinned. It's not even a slight change of skin tone. My totally WHITE right back is now actually very dark skinned. Can you please fix this ASAP. This is actually enough of a bug to make me not want to play. It totally destroys the fantasy world one becomes used to. This bug and the lighting bug for night games has totally destroyed the game for me at the moment.
  12. Yep I tried all that. They also messed up regens too. Skin tones and faces have all changed and now my blonde haired French player is now a dark skinned guy. These two bugs, which seem minor have actually destroyed the game for me. I just can't play it - with bugs that destroy the little fantasy universe. All my beloved youth players seem like different players on the pitch.
  13. Oh I just posted it on the bugs forum. That not the right place? I also noticed the issue only happens with night games. During day games, the kits nice and bright - but it does get that dull grey look in the shade. During night games the whole scene is dull and washed out and whites look grey.
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