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  1. Default. I noticed some changes were made too with an update (prior to the major one) cause suddenly Maradona was no longer in the game. It was around this time I noticed rivals missing. I didn't add any database changes when Maradona was removed from the game. Not sure if this stuff is related.
  2. Sorry if this isn't in the right spot.... As title. I am starting a new game with latest major update and I notice numerous Serie A sides don't have their fierce rivals?? It is just blank. In the beta I am pretty sure they were there. Any ideas?? Thanks!
  3. Oh I just posted it on the bugs forum. That not the right place? I also noticed the issue only happens with night games. During day games, the kits nice and bright - but it does get that dull grey look in the shade. During night games the whole scene is dull and washed out and whites look grey.
  4. I tried all of that, nothing helped. The new update has caused a problem with the lighting.
  5. As title.Nothing has changed on my pc, other games are fine - no change.However in my game my clubs white shirt now looks almost a light grey, the lighting is very flat.I reset graphics settings (set to low and back to highest quality) but the problem persists. Here is an example.https://imgur.com/a/f8JdRgCView on full screen to see the difference. On the Before picture, my kits are a bright white.On the After picture, my kids almost greyscale, the lighting as a whole is really flat.
  6. [Bug Beta Patch] Keeper and Center Back swap jerseys mid game. No goalie present. As title, I was playing my match when my keeper and center back swapped jerseys. It happened a couple of times in the space of a few seconds. It occurs around the 12th minute mark? (definitely in the first 10-20 min of play). I can't remember the exact moment. I will update if I can find the highlight again. I saw a text line that read "Ajer is going up for this free kick!' Ajer is my center back. My goalie DOES take free kicks, as he has one of the best free kick attribute in my team. However the
  7. At least it's his real name. I raised an eyebrow when I saw S.lut. :O
  8. CM 97/98 was the first "SI" game I played and it got me hooked on the series. I remember going to college and on my lunch break buying the game at a pc game store. Spending my lunch time reading the manual. Ha! Those were the days... I am not sure where the CD is now, probably lost somewhere at the bottom of a container in the garage. I was only 16 back then, now I have a kid nearly that same age and he is just getting into football as well.
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