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  1. That probably didn't help with his heart defect then......
  2. Yes Flahavan died because he suffered from a rare heart defect. I think if I was him I'd have retired after the first collapse. He also collapsed against Blackburn at Fratton Park similar to the Paolo Di Canio incident,but I think he was taking a goal kick or something.
  3. Exchanging a Player?

    Yes I've done it a few times. It's handy, when approaching another club with an offer to sign one of their players, to take note of the assistants advice regarding what type of player they may be willing to accept an exchange for. My first choice GK was unhappy, so I did a straight swap with an AI team for an outfield player I really wanted because they were after a goalkeeper. When doing those sort of deals, it's always best to change their player status to not wanted by club also. Otherwise, they reject the contract.
  4. Have I mastered this game now (FM08)?

    I would argue that it is easier to experience a higher degree of success once a league title has been won and are now considered "the team to beat". The match odds come into play and every team plays cautiously against you, so you can stick any tactic out there and win multiple games in a row.
  5. I agree with everything the OP said about the direction SI are taking FM in. This game is great for the "geeks" of this world. The people that have time and patience to watch every game and analyse every piece of play and it's become quite clear that the fanbase of football management games has slowly drifted from the casual gamer towards the more involved, the people that are more likely to be playing World of Warcraft...It's not a criticism by the way, just what I can see by viewing many of the posts on this forum. Where as, in the early 90's many of my friends played Championship Manager and Premier Manager etc, they now wouldn't dream of touching the new Football management genre and have drifted towards games such as, Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer. The fanbase has changed. I also think that any large corporation that listens too hard to the fans is being very foolish. In theory, "listening to what the fans want" is a great PR campaign and marketing strategy. In reality, the fans are often unrealistic in their thinking and want far too much in terms of complete overall game play. The bottom line is that the fun has been removed completely from the game. I don't want influential team talks, that are indeed what the OP touched on, more like completing a complex puzzle. However, just when you think you've unlocked the door, it snaps shut on you. I think on April 24th, when Championship Manager 2009 comes out I will buy it, try it for a few months. If I like it, then that will probably be me done with Football Manager, or if this is the way the genre is going, I'll just relent and play Fifa on my PS3.
  6. I would like to see more emphasis on the media unsettling a player over a possible, or "rumoured" transfer....rather than the current 'wnt' sign that hangs over every player worth their salt, promptly unsettling said player, causing them to refuse a new contract and to inevitably leave the club. Probably a radicle suggestion, seeing as the 'wnt' sign has been there throughout. My reasoning is that I like to sign good players, as I'm sure do most people that play FM. However, it becomes quite frustrating when every season I'll have at least 6 first teamers wanted by random clubs. I'll always sell the players in question because they want to move to a bigger club and end up unhappy....but my annoyance is that I'm ranked 29th best club in Europe and always compete in the Champions League, and my players still leave for clubs like VFL Bochum and Ankaracu in Turkey...who compete in the UEFA cup at best. Bochum are ranked 169th in Europe! I think that in real life players don't usually know which clubs might be interested in them, other than paper talk, so it would be nice to increase the emphasis on rumours and media coverage regarding possible transfers, and to also increase the player interactions revolving around the possible rumoured transfers. Players leaving for bigger clubs should be more realistic too.
  7. What Type of Manager are you?

    I like to win football matches.
  8. Unhappy team - please help!

    I would offload the unhappy players because they're only likely to accept contracts on a much higher wage. I suppose it all depends on what they are unhappy about. If they want to move to a bigger club...unless you become bigger and overtake Man Utd or Real Madrid, then that won't happen. If they dislike another member of the team, it's unlikely the relationship between players will heal a great deal and you already know their player personalities are obviously too dissimilar. Offload them every time for me, too harmful to the performance of the squad as a whole.
  9. That's slightly contradictory to what counter attacking should be surely? I thought counter attacking works best with quick passing?
  10. You wouldn't want to venture into the LLM forum then.... There they have a core select few who enjoy the freedom of the realm because they are regulars. The mods seem to like jumping on many newbs, abusing them, letting the regulars abuse them and when someone complains, they close the thread. This is a great idea by the way. I see a lot of tactics available, but it's a challenge finding one that is actually good....as opposed to many that seem to need tweaking here and there.
  11. new to FM09 and stuck

    Ignore the last two replies mate. Just read the stickie TT & F documents at the top of this forum and it should help. Bottom line is, there's no wrong or right tactic, just what works best against varying opponents. Play as many games and work out which tactic best suites your players, use the scout reports and make subtle changes before each game.
  12. I'm 99.9% certain that is not the case in England. Our young talent generally go where the cash is.
  13. New Patch

    Is this the same person that's posted this question numerous times today?!
  14. I'm sorry I can't right now. I'm attempting to win the European Champions League.
  15. I was just gonna post the same response...beat me to it.