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  1. I'm guessing not have enough cash to pay for anything :S
  2. It appears that upgrade is heavily restricted by reputation. If you hover the mouse over it'll likely say "the club has the best recruiting network for a club our size" or something like that.
  3. Does filtering the scout when you send him on a mission make it more likely he'll scout people who match that description? ie, if I tell the guy to only look for people 19 or younger, will he scout just as many 19 or younger players as he would have scouted all players if I'd done no fitering?
  4. http://www.thedugout.tv/community/showthread.php?t=61551 Because of the way it works, filters aren't really that useful. Start by looking for the specific area (attack, defence, technical, keeping etc) being good, then use the program in that thread to check out what their star rating is.
  5. Well, the first game after learning the PPM, he scored direct from 35 yards. But he also did a short pass from a closer FK in the first half. Hopefully the PPM will reduce that happening though. Okay, he's scored 3 now, which is pretty good. Would giving him the Power Shots PPM make him more or less likely to score?
  6. I started him to learn long range kicks when I first got annoyed with this, so hopefully it shouldn't be too long before he's learnt that. I'll tell him to try power shots next time as well, but I might have asked that already and been knocked back. His long shots is 15.
  7. The free kick taker's only PPM is Tries Killer Balls Often. His stats are Free Kick Taking 20, Technique 20, Creativity 20, Flair 15, Finishing 14, Composure 16, Passing 20.. he's basically a world class AMC.
  8. No-one is. I've got 2 people set to Mark Keeper, 4 people set to Back, and 4 set to Forward.
  9. How do I stop my attacking free kick takers from making a short pass to what is usually a defensive midfielder. SHOOT THE BLOODY THING.
  10. No, it doesn't improve attributes other than the ones I listed. The condition of a keeper will be likely close to 100% all year.
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