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  1. Well that is why I'm asking the question on their official forums.
  2. With the new club creator, does the player gain full control over the 'board' decisions such as new stadiums, training facility expansions and the like. Also, will there be more information given as to the costs and times for these upgrades (even during the typical 'ask the board' scenario), or in requesting these at the expense of wages or transfer budgets?
  3. Well any shootout that goes past the first 5 will end with one team missing a penalty and the other not...
  4. From FM12 you can add leagues, so you should start in whatever continent you want to launch your career, then adjust as you gain more notability and want to move. My current career save I've gone Brazil -> China -> South Korea > Colombia > USA, and after I'm done in the US I'll move to Eastern Europe to start my Euro career.
  5. FM12 is the best match engine and best game overall. Nothing much of value has been added since then, and important modules have been removed from subsequent versions to make it more casual friendly.
  6. This is the way it is because the FFA who run the A-League have told SI as part of their licensing agreement to treat it as such. The MLS shows how the A-League could work, as it recognises the Supporters Shield (for finishing first) but still progresses to the final series without making it two competitions.
  7. Yet another list in the dumbing down of this game to make it casual friendly. FM is dead. Long live Casual Football Manager 2014.
  8. 1) Switch to yearly wages. This is massively better for working out your costs. 2) SI need to improve the financial side of the game. There is literally no information about what the clubs likely financial situation will be in the future. At the very least the game should provide an estimate of what the balance of the club will be on the last day of the season.
  9. Has training mode been fixed to be like in FM12, with depth and user selected options as opposed to cut-paste lazy options?
  10. Training in Fm12 wasn't time consuming, people just refused to bother working out what each slider did. I could create an entire system of training sets in 10 minutes simply because I took the time to know what modules trained what. SI should have made it easier for people to know what was going to train what, instead of ripping choice away from the user.
  11. Instead of fixing match engine bugs that have been around for years, fixing the boardroom interaction and the woeful transfer and squad management AI, they've wasted time on adding press conferences, then another year on adding more pointless 'tones' to press conferences instead of requested features like better financial information, expanded sponsorships and the ability to influence the creation of new stadiums to better match what you as the player (the most important part of any game) want to do with the club, as opposed to rudimentary and very short sighted boardroom AI. SI also completely wrecked the training module, ripping choice away from the most long term and experienced users because they couldn't figure out a way to explain exactly what the training module was supposed to be done and used by new players. FMC was a pointless addition, SI should have created a far more comprehensive pre-game options list, that people could choose to exclude certain modules, or to take more control over certain things (like the oft requested "Full Board Control" mode, where you have complete control over finances, squad salary, staff numbers, facilities and stadium expansions). It would have replicated FMC without actually having to make a completely seperate game type. I bought FM13 and that was a complete waste of money. I've stuck with FM12 and won't be buying FM14.
  12. Agent's are one of the worst ever features added to the game. The ridiculous feedback loop when a player won't even listen to you despite having a bid accepted is ridiculous. Agents DO NOT CARE about their relationship with Managers. Certainly not enough for it to require an entire new non-player type, AND another set of crazy payments to be made. The only thing they care about is MONEY.
  13. They won't. I personally (at top clubs) only sign physios who have 20 for the physio attribute. The next thing I look at is their wages how cheap they are to bring to the club. If I have a choice, then I'll get anyone who has good motivation or discipline, but that's not a big deal.
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