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  1. Happened way before that, it was when Michaels was upside down in the corner and HHH went over the ropes. He went through probably 25 of the 30 minutes with a torn pec.
  2. I can't quite understand how he can only get charged with manslaughter? Septicaemia can't surely have come from anything other than her wounds? And if not then it can only have weakened her immune system? He was carrying acid with him... It's premeditated. Whether he was aiming for her or not, it doesn't matter, he was going out to injure someone and didn't care that someone else was in his way.
  3. Also, there's no advertisement of the WWE network on there, so definitely fake.
  4. Not sure it's real because on that and looks like an image from about 4 years ago.
  5. Yeah, I'm deadly sceptical, but would be superb if they end up showing a different perspective on the situation (knowing how the rest of the season panned out, they probably will).
  6. So, with Reigns getting his 'Mania' moment on Raw... Cena to win the 17th title at Mania?
  7. New game looks better than the previous ones - I know that's not a huge barrier to break. There's new modes on there such as be a pro, so potential scope for online madness, but there's just seemingly more depth with the Auckland Nines and a better player creation system which people are already using and making better likenesses of players which can be shared etc. Added to the fact that graphically it's far superior, seemingly plays better from a couple of reviews/videos and a new RL game on new gen, I'm certainly buying it if either of you get it and want a game online ! Plus, there's a de
  8. Not too fussed if I have to pay for it, as I have watched a couple of things, but it just seems a little odd. It stated that my bill would only start two weeks after I subscribed (18th Jan) and I was free to cancel it before then and access to the network would immediately stop if cancelled within the first two weeks period.
  9. Not quite sure if this has happened with anyone else, but I used the network using that free trial thing and it states in the original email that my account will be billed on the 2nd February and if I cancel before then, my account will be unable to view the network from that point. Gone to deactivate it earlier having watched the Rumble and now it's saying my next billing point will be the 2nd March? :confused: As far as I am concerned, my free trial is now at an end, why the heck am I going to be billed?
  10. Sign Up Sheet: Confused Clarity Gizzyspop TM help!!!
  11. I gathered they were written for him, but surely he can perhaps come up with something better? The donkey dung for brains line was just awful. PG needs to go away so we can stop having to pander to children with stupid lines.
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