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  1. Well, I voted and I have to agree. I just can't get into the game anymore. I hate press conferences and normally my assistant will say something stupid, so I have to go into them. I am not a tactical person, but I can motivate a team in say the lower leagues, doing dafuge's challenge, I can get a team to say League 1 or even the Championship, but then agent's fees came into it, I just couldn't see the whole point of it. I had to pay the agent more once I'd decided to upgrade this fella's contract, because there were other teams coming in for the same player, why couldn't I just turn them (Agents) off?! I can't pick a team in the premiership or anything, because I would have to become all tactical, downloading other people's tactics sort of ruins the fun, I just want to play 442 with wingers using the arrows and stuff. If there was the option to just get rid of agents, get rid of press conferences and team talks (Without them doing serious damage! I'm looking at you assistant who told the team he wanted more when we were 4-0 up at HT and we draw 4-4), then that would be great. I just can't jump into a game now, like I used to. CM 01/02 or 03/04 were great for this, buy a few players let them gel and bob's your uncle your team would play well. I got Man City on 03/04 to the top of the league, after selling Anelka and bringing in Kevin Nolan Wanchope, Huckerby and Fowler were absolutely beasts.
  2. There's a player over on the dafuge challenge called Mal Lester Link To Post
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