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  1. I've just read this! I'm stunned. The effort he put into these forums was unbelievable, and he changed the way I think about Football Manager. I thank him for that. Such a helpful guy aswell. This is just a game however, so the fact that we can't discuss the game with him anymore pales in significance with what his family must be going through, and I hope that they make it through this difficult period ok. He was an inspiration. Rest in Peace. Ville.
  2. I don't see him uploading it, to be honest. These threads are more about making you think, rather than a "look at my tactic" sort of thread.
  3. Wow, great read. I picked up on 2 points from your team: - I thought you weren't going to buy any more AMs? Then up pops Wijnaldum. - The tactic looks like it's changed a fair bit from the one from the Creativity and Flair thread. Mainly the CMs and Wingers. What caused you to change?
  4. This will have been asked loads, but is there any way to improve a player's week foot? (I'm on FM10) My scots came across a monsterous 16 year old regen striker, who I was all exited about until I noticed he has a weak left foot. Here's the fella in question: http://img844.imageshack.us/i/erlantzlarrea.png
  5. Just out of curiousity, SFraser, how many youths do you look to bring in each year? I've read that you have 22 youth team players, once these players are...say 19, would you buy more 15 year olds? or is it a constant buying process?
  6. Quick question about Marking, for a title chasing side, what would be the ideal marking style, zonal, or man? Would midfielders have an effect on this aswell?
  7. Cheers guys, i'll be starting a game up when the patch comes out.
  8. Might have a go with Lyon soon, I had alot of success with them on FM08. Any tips on who to buy and tactics?
  9. Here's a strange one from FM 06, my Man Utd team, with probably the best defence in the game, loose 10-1 to Barcelona, in the next leg, with an allout atack tactic, manage to score 9 goals, I would have went through on away goals, but on the 95th (!!!) minute, Ronaldinho scored a tap in. 11-10 to Barcelona... I was gutted for about a month
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