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  1. Sorry to hijack a thread but I've basically done something very similar to this database, and played a season as a tester and got to new season and realised there were no youth intakes by any of the teams.. Can someone tell me why? Or how to edit it that teams will have intakes.
  2. I want players to remember they've already had a chat to me about something that is bothering them. Twice now I've had 2 players come to me about wanting to 'move on' but for me to tell them that we can achieve promotion, this year, together. All within 3 weeks of each other! Seriously, it can become very irritating. Before anyone even asks, I've only played ONE league game! And we won that 3-1 to sit 2nd in the league. We are 5th favourites to go up (based on the odds given at the beginning of the season) and I have a talented, young squad. What more can they disagree with? It is affecting the harmony, but they are players that will do well for me and get me up and technically, they agree considering their responses are 'if we don't go up, I'm off!' which is fair enough. Another thing I want players to remember/recognise is the clubs ambition - and mine. Taking my club in real life, Brentford, into consideration here. We have had many young players arrive over the last 3-4 years and progressed them on to become top players for our own club and ability to move on. I would love to see if players recognise what the club, and myself, are wanting to achieve and that we won't stand in the way if a top club with the right offer comes in. Harry Forrester came to us and went onto better things, same with Simon Moore, moving to the Premier League. Tom Adeyemi, even though it was a loan, came to us to resurect his career and did so, getting a move to Birmingham. I know there is a figure for 'ambition' in players and teams stats, but there isn't anything for career improvement and prospects etc. Admittedly, proof is the best way of showing that players can better themselves, so over time maybe a stat can increase/decrease when it happens. One last thing, and again about players moving to clubs, just like the example above about the players wanting to leave and having a private chat and what I think we can achieve. I think we should be able to have a chat with the players FIRST before thrashing out a deal. Especially in the lower leagues. I say the lower leagues as unlike Premier League teams, and especially the likes of Chelsea etc, it is hard to convince someone to join. Brentford managed to talk Clayton Donaldson and Will Grigg into signing for Brentford when they did because of the ambition of the club. They even admitted it was when meeting the manager and the chats that convinced them to sign. All this 'key player' etc is sweet, but I want to tell my next signing that I want to get out of this division and your goals, or your mean tackling, will help me achieve it. I've seen you play many times and you are the right person for the job..... etc etc... I couldn't be bothered to read 32 pages and find if any of these were already suggested, but wanted to put my opinion across.
  3. Would you believe I'm trying to find out the same thing richiboy and stevvy. Is there anyone out there that can help.
  4. Too many posts to read in too little time.. I'm sorry if already asked but... A lot of you will know this from managing LL that teams don't have a lot of money. You don't offer more than a season, two at most, for fear of that player not doing well and not being able to be sold, so you have to release and the fees being ridiculous. Even mutual, players are not happy to be released, when I think that if a player was offered a mutual agreement, they would take it more than not, due to them knowing they are not wanted. Take my Brentford. Most players now have 2 year deals, and if released would cost a fair bit to the club. I've got two requests. 1: If a team offers mutual agreement, then that would more likely be accepted than not. Its rarely accepted. (I started new game and first thing I done was tried to release player and he refused). 2: I would love the ability to offer an option into a contract. I can offer 1 year contracts with option of extending that to two years. That way, I'm not taking a big financial risk.
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