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  1. Mass Production Line?

    lmaoooo tarr
  2. Mass Production Line?

    they are an army club. "Sangmu's playing staff is made up of young Korean professional footballers serving their two year military duty. Fifteen players join up at the start of every season and spend two years with the side before returning to their previous professional club. Sangmu are not allowed to sign any foreign players because of their military status." thats what wiki says http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gwangju_Sangmu_Phoenix
  3. i see the injury bug is back

    why all have a moan at lfc 4 ever he was just speaking his mind its people like you that put people of these forums
  4. Team to be thread

    Look harder o.m http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=57135 << there ye go !
  5. Merry Christmas to all posters.

    Have a proper crimbo selecta, kez
  6. i like the idea Think ill give it a spin
  7. He has got a point, but next time buy a BOXED copy and you can activate it throught uniloc and download the patchs yourself like you normally would for FM 08. ITs not rocket science or binary code
  8. as.manager

    Probly Not
  9. Same transfer system as FM2008

    yer i had lassana diarra go to arsenal for £20m. stupid wenger
  10. Good Striker ?

    Higdon (Falkirk) hes big and strong
  11. http://www.find-games.co.uk/ << try that website it compares games
  12. Ball of death

    The link will not load up
  13. 3d players have turned to 3d discs

    Did you go from 2d to 3d if you do that and your pc is slow it will stick till it reloads
  14. Rangers embargo

    Problem Solved
  15. The reason I love this game so much.....

    Nothing better then beating Chelsea and lucky i experienced that IRL (Liverpool fan BTW)
  16. Rangers embargo

    it will take as long as The board take over Takes. It could be a day it could be a month. I hope that helps
  17. Benzema

    Can you send me a link to the guide please
  18. I am liking the level of detail in this years FM
  19. Cardiff FC, UEFA question!?

    IRL the FA dont want Cardiff to play in europe but I think uefa do. It all came about when they were in the FA Cup final
  20. Liverpool takeover??

    Same Ere
  21. FM 09 - so far...

    Woow Close shaves and robbie keene in bad form sounds like real life
  22. Is This The Hardest FM Yet????

    I feel on this years FM you get reward for detailed tactics and tactical consistancy. In my save i never had a win in all pre-sesson and the first 3 league games i didnt change the formation and tweaked with it now im on a 3 games unbeaten streak
  23. The Man With the Plan

    i know yerr
  24. Struggling to choose

    try a strange legue thats what i do when i cant think on FM 08 i went as FC Seuol and Univerisadad de Chille and won the copa libratadoras. It was very fun probly one of my fav saves
  25. The Man With the Plan

    im currently Falkrik 5 games in 2 wins 3 losses. Got £0 to spend. Highes beeting Hearts 3-1 lowes getting bet 6-1 by Hibbs