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  1. Football Manager 2012 Base Skins

    I really like that font, what's it called?
  2. Why should someone have to choose another team in order to make the game more difficult? Based on that logic Neil Lennon's job is far easier than Terry Butcher's, which in terms of players available is correct, but then factor in every other aspect of the job and your man at Celtic Park is working under the weight of huge expectation, the fine lines are even smaller and finishing second isn't an option. FM doesn't recognise that, do you get an absolute pasting from the media when you slip up? Does it really feel like you're jobs on the line? Does the morale and form of your squad fluctuate so dramatically that you can't just play the same tactic in the following game and beat a St Johnstone or Dunfermline 3 or 4-0 and forget last week ever happened? I agree with the OP. Give us more dilemma's between matches, give us highly paid players really throwing the toys out of the pram and give us a non stop barrage of criticism from the media that really makes us work for our victories. To sum it up, after a 0-3 defeat at Ibrox give us a scrappy 1-0 home win against Aberdeen in which we've played badly but ultimately grinded out a result prompting more criticism from the media and fans alike.
  3. Will FM get harder in the future????

    If Liverpool and whoever else wants this stupid idea ought to go and play in Europe, Asia or wherever and let the rest get on with it. If the TV rights deal goes down the same line as in Spain the already large gap will become even greater. Money has ruined football.
  4. I think what people are trying to say is that when managing someone such as Manchester United, there still should be some form of difficulty involved. I've found that when taking charge of one of the bigger clubs I could pretty much get through a season using one basic tactic with very little need to adjust things. This is not how it works IRL, United had a tough time against Norwich recently and it could be argued that if Norwich could have finished their chances off then they'd have come out of Old Trafford with at least a point. Now in the game (Certainly previous versions) if you were managing United in that match, you'd more than likely create bucket loads of chances, dominate possesion and win, not just win, but win pretty easily without really having to make any kind of tactical changes. Every manager will say "There's no easy games" and whilst they'd most likely win the majority of games if they were in charge of a top side, they'd still have to work for those victories, at times in FM it feels like victories come around just that bit to "easily" when in charge of a top side. Saying that though, FM is a fantastic game and one that has given me more enjoyment than any other.
  5. Sounds like Sheffield United when Colin was manager...
  6. New game needed!!

    Well after much thought I've made my decision! Using Wally's update I've loaded up the top two leagues in England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Holland and the Czech Republic. I'm starting off in the Czech Republic as manager of Slavia Prague. The squad is quite small, no European football and predicted to finish 6th in a 16 team division, and as always I've turned off the first window transfer budgets. Bring it on!
  7. Future Stadium names = Districts

    I said football ground, not a stadium with a running track.
  8. Future Stadium names = Districts

    Thankfully we've had our ground named after our district for years.... Hillsborough And here's a random fact... The first football ground in the world to have a cantilever stand running the full length of the pitch!!!
  9. In past saves on FM11 has anyone else ever noticed that the amount of goals scored in 'view-only' leagues is dramatically lower than those in full detail? I've seen the likes of Celtic, Porto and Ajax win their respective leagues scoring 45-50 goals in a season.
  10. First Window Transfers

    You can make loan signings but only if the loaning club don't want a fee for taking their playing on loan. As for staff, you can still sign them, providing they are out of contract, or the club he's coming from don't want any compensation. You might though get offered a player by a club and be given the chance to interact with the board, this means they will be prepared to fund the signing for you. When starting a new save I always turn off first window transfers, I think it adds realism to the game, especially if you're using one of the latest updates.
  11. New game needed!!

    Aab is my favourite choice from those mentioned so far... I've only really managed in England and Spain for decent amount of times, the rest I've loaded up, played a few games then got bored.
  12. New game needed!!

    Some interesting names so far, keep them coming! I'll be making my choice from one of them tonight!
  13. Help! I really need a new save. I'm using Wallys update but I'm still finding it difficult to get excited about any saves I go for... I've tried top end teams, medium range teams and sides from the lower divisions. I think I'd like a side playing in Europe that's not from a top league, but from one that's still competitive. A team that's capable of challenging in their own country without having to be the best, but still some distance away from being challengers in Europe... Pick me some names out and I'll keep you updated with my progress!
  14. I've not got the time to trawl through this thread so apologies, as I'm sure this question will have already been asked? Will I be able to install FM12 on my desktop using STEAM, and then also be able to play the game on a laptop without an internet connection?