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  1. Summary: Playing 2 player online - both tried hosting, when you are the "client" and try to access any screen with a league table it hangs. Description of Issue: As above, tried both of us hosting - also seen it happen on the news screens. We've only tried in Serie C1/A both times. Steps to Reproduce: Start a new game, manage a team each, client to then click on the league name to access the table, screen opens, but no details and unable to move on, can click buttons but nothing happens. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Will upload if needed, but so easy to set-up and recreate.
  2. Great, thanks - managed to get Hartlepool out of League 2 via the play-offs with the previous version so looking forward to trying this one in League 1,
  3. Working with 1.2 right now and it's going well with Hartlepool, intrigued by 1.3, does someone fancy sending me it whilst we wait for the upload link?
  4. I am happy to keep playing, mainly as I do this every year as a test for my tactics/training etc until the final db update is released and I start a long term save.
  5. I have and felt very dirty.....until I got them relegated. In fairness they were bottom when I moved up the league to take over.
  6. Darlington 1 - 0 Accrington, first game in charge after being approached whilst at Blyth Spartans.
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