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  1. Yes it is on FM19. I couldn't find a 19 forum and had posted in the general forum before my issue got moved into here.
  2. Just checking I'm getting the file from the right place. I'm going into my documents, sports interactive, football manager 2019, games, selecting appropriate file.
  3. Hi Ben, I have uploaded the game on the day of the confirmation. If you need one from before that day then let me know. The save game is called Villa Dembele.
  4. I sort of have an issue (my issue is all post-Brexit) and have save game files backed up. I have Dembele on loan from Lyon for a season. At the end of that season I wanted to extend the loan for another season. This was accepted and when confirming the extension he was granted a work permit but after confirming he cannot be selected and it says I need to apply for a new work permit but there is no option to do this.
  5. I am managing Villa and have had a player on loan. I am trying to extend his loan deal for a second season and at the point I need to confirm the deal it says he has had a work permit given (we are now in Brexit time) but when the deal is accepted I cannot select him as it says I can apply for a work permit but there is no option to apply for one.
  6. I've started a save with Tromso as saw potential in their squad and they were doing poorly in the league. The chairman's status says likely to leave at the next election but gives no clue when this will be. I looked at add a new manager at another Norwegian club to see if the choose a team screen would give any clues but despite giving dates for the some of the other clubs elections in the chairman status it didn't for Tromso. Any help to find out this date would be great as they have no money and hoping new chairman might give me something to work with.
  7. I've just started a save with Leamington in the Southern Premier. Anyone got any recommendations for this level as all the ones above seem to be for teams in Vanarama and above.
  8. Jorgen that has worked!! Finally the problem is solved!! thanks for your help
  9. As far as I can see I have the 10.3 database loaded with an extra file edited that has removed Canales' future transfer. I have also changed the edt file so that it is a different Racing player, Pedro Munitis, that is covered by the extra file. But yet Canales is still down as transferring to Real along with Munitis!!! This is so frustrating!! p.s I cannot see how I can change it using FMRTE as there is no way of removing the future transfer just editing the deal.
  10. there arent any more files open and in the edt files of the other updates the canales edt file does not exist. Also, I created an edt file for transfer embargoes and made sure it was in the extra files but they don't seem to have taken effect
  11. hey jorgen, i have taken the edt file out of the 1030 update, taken away canales' future transfer in the editor and unticked my retain players file but yet he is still coming up as joining real!! I have checked the other edt files on 1020 patch and lower but it does not appear!! Any other ideas?
  12. cheers for your help jorgen. I have unticked the sergio canales future transfer box but when I start a new game he is still down to transfer to real??
  13. I am a bit confused, if I want to get all players from nations like france, germany, portugal, holland etc. without loading their leagues and making them playable I create a ddt file with "RETAIN_NATION_PLAYERS" "Portugal" but then where do I save it? Also does it have to be named something specific or not? Thirdly, is there a way of creating an edt file so that you can't have takeovers by another member of the board? Sorry for all the questions edit: When i try to save an edt file I created I get a message saying ' C:\Program Files\ Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\data\update-1030\
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