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  1. I've lost my long term save on FM16 due to the file becoming corrupt and didn't have a recent back up. I've decided to play around with a fiction event happening and Wasps rugby taking over Coventry City. I've created the Wasps owner and adjusted the finances but want to change the club logo to the wasps one. Can this be done through the editor?
  2. My computer has a problem and keeps freezing at random points. On the last occasion it happened whilst the game was processing through days. On restarting the save game can now not be loaded. Is there anything I can do, and no I don't have a backup.
  3. Recently my game has started to freeze at random points during the game. At times it can be when loading the game or during match play or whilst processing matches and moving between dates. I am unable to press CTL + ALT + DEL and cannot move to other screens. My only option is to restart my computer and potentially lose progress.
  4. jimmyt86

    fm 16 demo

    I've tried finding the other quick start leagues in the workshop but to no avail. Where/how did you find them?
  5. I've just taken over at Villa, Garde was sacked the day after relegation was confirmed after the penultimate game of the season. David Beckham is chairman of the club but I don't have any transfer budget. When I've taken over a relegation threatened team before and they get relegated the transfer budget etc. are announced straight away but on this occasion I got nothing through. Does anyone know when the budget might be announced so I can start getting players in in prep for promotion challenge.
  6. I am looking to reinstate Stiliyan Petrov into the game and whilst I found him in the editor when I changed his person type I realised there are no details for him whatsoever. I would have expected things like his age, place of birth, international caps, playing history etc. would be there but they aren't. Have I missed something or do I need to input all of this info in?
  7. I have taken over as Aston Villa manager after Garde was sacked, and as they are my favourite club I am surprised that they still ask the same opening question in the meeting with chairman/CE. Surely as a fan of the club there should be a different option when asked if you want them to give you background info on the club?
  8. jimmyt86

    Pre-Season Tournements

    no wonder i couldn't find him its zangelmi not zabgelmi
  9. jimmyt86

    Pre-Season Tournements

    I'm in steam and typing zabgelmi into workshop search bar but nothing coming up. Is this in fm16 or are they in 15 and compatible with 16?
  10. jimmyt86

    Pre-Season Tournements

    British Cup being international or club? Did you have to start a new game?
  11. jimmyt86

    Pre-Season Tournements

    Do all of these need a new game setting up or if I download would they be save game compatible?
  12. jimmyt86

    Pre-Season Tournements

    Can I edit one of these to make a Home Nations or Scandinavian Cup using the international teams in those regions? I know the Oceania Cup is active but also found in the database a Baltic Cup but nothing in game.
  13. jimmyt86

    Regional cups

    I'm interested in trying to set up some regional international tournaments but struggling to do so. I want to revive the Home Nations tournament as well as set up a Scandinavian one too. I'm thinking it could happen similar to the Oceania and Baltic Cup (found these on the database) but have tried playing with the editor but don't really know what I'm doing having never created a competition before. Could someone either point me in the direction of someone that has already created something similar (I've tried using the search function) or help me to create them.
  14. jimmyt86

    Free agent database

    That's where I thought it would be but couldn't see it
  15. jimmyt86

    British Cup

    Can you upload this as a database?