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  1. Trials Similar to the trial open days, but at the start of the season players who don't have a contract should take part in a match ,effectively a trial game, where all managers, scouts, coaches etc can 'view' the game. They can then decide to buy or take a player on trial for a extended period. Not sure but i think lower league clubs are able to watch Premiership players who have been released from their club, via the PFA. Media Even though the media side of the game is fine it can be improved. More local media involvement as usually they are more likely to create pressure than the national media. Media awards - North Eastern Writers PLayer of the Year etc. Player Interation More training ground bust ups when things are going wrong at the club "X dislikes Y" "X demands transfer". For foreign players, they could "complain" to their own press, "Marca" like Luque or Reyes about the manager or speak about reported interest from their own country. Ths would lead to the manager having to have meeting with the player. The manager and chairman should have monthly meetings to discuss transfers money for the transfer window and future developments. An AGM which would be like a news item every year stating how the club has done financially (using the rich list to say if they have improved or decreased), reasons for this and future investments (if a takeover is in the process or there are rumours, a statement would be released.
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