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  1. I think there's an "importance" rating for soccer for each country. You have to bump that up as well.
  2. One clue might be your xG. 2.98 vs 7 goals scored. If the match engine only thought you should score 3, it might not have "penalized" the opposition as much, since according to it, you had a freak result. To echo a previous poster, what kind of goals did you score?
  3. Using a 2021 MBPro (M1): Every time I start FM 21, it runs on Full Screen, even though I change it to Windowed (and save the game). This has only started happening since the last patch.
  4. Does the language spoken by your staff have any effect? For example, if I bring in a new coach and don't send him on a language course, does that affect a hidden training attribute?
  5. Thanks for taking the time to answer! I was curious if anyone had seen strange things happen in that situation.
  6. Seriously dumb question: Is there a need to worry about Teamwork for a DLP in the DM strata? I'm wondering because if it's low, what is he going to do other than pass the ball, especially if he's on a Defend duty? Is there a significant difference in contribution between someone with a 7 and someone with a 15? Would he just not do much at all?
  7. It seems simple enough, but I wish SI would include players' Technique when showing you the players you want to assign Free Kick duties, in addition to Corners, Free Kicks, and Long Throws.
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