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  1. Thanks for your feedback. Harmony is high in my team. We were over performing. Pundits had us fighting relegation, but we managed to occupy the top spots for the first half of the season.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm back to managing in FMM2019 after a hiatus of several years. Although I bought FMM every year, most of my time I spent managing on FMTouch and FMM got sidelined. Now, that the iPad broke, I got time to enjoy FMM again. Help me to remember, please, what are useful countermeasures to overcome a typical mid-season slump? I was 2. in VNN conference before Christmas. Since then, I wasn't able to win not a single match by end of January. Dropped down to 12 in the league. I tried different tactics, rotation, etc. Nothing seems to help. Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. I started playing FM PC with version 2006. Needless to say, this year´s FMH resembles earlier FM PC sporting the new and more sophisticated match engine. I really urge you to watch the matches on extended view. Then, analyze your team and try to counteract within the limited possibilities of the tactics module. So far, it has rather worked well for me.
  4. Let´s not forget all the goodies the new ME does bring to the able. And finally, not an abundance of hat tricks or goals from standard situations in every match like with the old one. Alone these two improvements add much more realism to the show.
  5. And all is due to the new match engine. I don´t know how you did it since every time this topic was discussed in the past not much hope was instilled due to OS/device restrictions in the mobile space, but certainly you finally were able and willing to pull it off. And all of a sudden, FMH is so much more engaging. It´s priceless to see your substitute player turning around a match by scoring twice within the space of 10 minutes with a nice build up to watch, or this screamer of a shot from 25 yards winning you the first round in the FA cup in stoppage time when for 90 minutes the opposition was able to scramble away every ball well before the goal area. Now, if the tactics module could see an upgrade/enhancements next time around..... Congrats SI, Marc, Alari et al. The game is worth every penny. Also, the new UI is really nice. BTW, I play FMH 15 on a Galaxy Tab 3. I loaded the large database and all leagues in England. There is no noticeable lag and the match engine plays just fine. Processing is super fast. The only time the match engine could stutter a bit is when many background tasks are running. I would recommend to everyone to minimize background tasks and you should be fine running the new engine. One technical question if you don´t mind: which PC match engine version is this handheld version based off?
  6. I am running FM13 PC on a Dell Venue 8 Pro. While it is certainly playable with only a small handful of leagues, it eats up space on SSD (at least 4 GB or so), it taxes processor and battery quite a bit. It's cool for some fiddling around with one's team and it certainly could be used to play longterm with just a couple of leagues active together with a small database. Nevertheless, I don't think that it could be run on ARM architecture resulting in better performance what I am getting from my tablet. If anything, we could be seeing one of their earlier 2D match engines been implemented at some point. I do have to say that I find the current engine "good enough" and even "great for handheld" if I had more tactical options at my disposal.
  7. A question that I am asking myself since stating the above. I don't know if I'd remembered my login credentials and since I enjoy crossreading the other FM forums, Vibe doesn't necessarily come to me as my first choice. Plus, on here I can be certain that the devs read along and voice their opinions more often than on any other forums.
  8. To the developers: Graphical presentation aside, let's just focus on the number crunching part. I remember Marc explaining the level of detail how each match is calculated together with some interpolation and he arrived at a value what I call match engine fidelity. Again, not going into graphical presentation of a match, would a higher ME fidelity result in more highlights happening? Would matches be automatically more realistic? Could a higher ME fidelity be achieved on current mobile and supported hardware without sacrificing core characteristics of the fast paced mobile game?
  9. That's a fairly decent number. Once in a while I look it up your forum but rather post here bare the couple posts I made on yours.
  10. Skipped FM 14. Still happy with `13 and once in a while `08. First time in years I skipped a release. Unless Steam will be running a 60% off sale next weekend, then I'll happily wait and see what '15 might bring to the table.
  11. Surely, this year's version is the most polished, best looking one of all FMHs. Surely, people do have a choice now of playing almost full-fat FM on the go if they own or care to purchase a Vita, and thus FMH must continue to offer the most streamlined version of all FM. I truly appreciate feature parity between iOS and Android for the first time, and I don`t doubt that FMH will evolve more over time. I am quite happy with the state of the match engine. I also can live with the conscious decision by the developers to not implement team talks. But, I truly hope for more tactical options. All things considered, the tactics have been on the shallow side for too long. True, player roles were a nice addition (although I don't care much for and about them). Still, it would help immersion if there was more to tinker with and to see it unfolding on the pitch over time (and with the right players). Again, not asking for a new match engine, but more ways to react to what's happening on the pitch.
  12. It doesn't help the game then that you work from home, does it? Actually enjoying FMH more than ever before. It helps being more time constraint and I got too lazy these days to properly fire up FM PC. Skipped FM 14 and once in a while going back to my FM 13 save helps to forgive FMH shortcomings. This years version really feels more polished than ever. Are you considering a tactical overhaul for the game in the not too distant future, Marc?
  13. This. A halftime report would be nice as well as more depth regarding the evaluation and tactical decision-making. Love FMH like always but next years iteration will finally hopefully bring a tactical overhaul. I can live with the match engine another couple years, but need more tactical options.
  14. Hm, at half time I had set my team to pressing. Surely, it would help to get advice from inside the game what has to be changed in order to solve the issue. Still, I am missing opposition instructions. That again is down to the match engine.
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