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  1. I have encountered the same problems as others, when trying to save my game. It looks like I am unable to save my game after the match against Barletta on the 2nd of September 2015. I have tried saving just after the match and also on later dates, but it always crashes. The game creates a corrupted (unloadable) savefile, which is considerably smaller than the non-corrupted savefile. I also tried verifying game cache, deleting preferences and changing the rendering mode, but the result is the same: The game crashes while saving. I have uploaded my savegame to your ftp-server. It's called 'Bath and Celano'. It is saved just before the match Barletta-Celano. I also uploaded the crashdump-files. They are also called 'Bath and Celano' and then their original name. Hope you can find a solution! Cheers
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