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  1. This is a twofer. First is simple: I find it rather odd that the board would block the release of a player because there's no transfer money left, when ONE month's salary off the books would more than pay the settlement. I'd like a board that can do simple math please. Second one is completely unrelated: I came back to the game after oh, about four years off.... so the scouting centre is shiny and new to me. i like it. But i'd like to be able to sort the list view by any column, like the shortlists. This should also apply to the scouting priorities list. I also think it would be g
  2. you can always fine them out of sheer spite... if they really *did* play that badly the rest of the team won't mutiny. don't ask me how i know.
  3. also, now that i've resigned, i'm bitterly disappointed that bad mouthing the board of my former club in press interviews is not an option. i'm a go cry myself to sleep now.... but i'll be all right, knowing FELCRA will never again reach the heights i took them to...
  4. i would like to be able to give the board an ultimatum over their accepting an offer of duct tape, broken shoelaces, chewing gum wrappers and an undisclosed length of string for a player (in this case, the best academy product). as it is, rather than storm out i decided to burn it all down, i told the GM to sell everyone. *then* i'll quit. not vindictive at all, nope
  5. special shout out to the other 45 people who think the Thai League 1 is a must-have league... and the crickets joining us
  6. haven't been on this forum much since the death of the late, great FML, but lately i've been playing FMH a lot (Android, until my Note 2 got stolen, and iOS since i inherited my wife's old girly-white iPhone). one thing that IS DESPERATELY NEEDED: more detail in filters for player search. 15 to 21 is way too broad a range and scouting players ends up being an annoying grind (instead of a rewarding one). ideally the manager should be able to specify the age range, not rely on overly broad presets. the wage search is pretty useless if all wage ranges start at zero. same for value. another th
  7. having to unlock attribute masking is really off-putting to a certain type of long-term, hardcore football manager fanatic (admittedly, maybe we're in a small minority, but...) the type of player who would want attribute masking is not the kind of player who would be interested in, or use, any of the other unlockable bling. these players (me for example, but i'm quite certain i'm not the only one) as a result of this, i've owned FM2014 for months but haven't bothered to actually play it. i normally would prefer to start unemployed with no rep whatsoever and get hired into an obscure league
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