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  1. This is a twofer. First is simple: I find it rather odd that the board would block the release of a player because there's no transfer money left, when ONE month's salary off the books would more than pay the settlement. I'd like a board that can do simple math please. Second one is completely unrelated: I came back to the game after oh, about four years off.... so the scouting centre is shiny and new to me. i like it. But i'd like to be able to sort the list view by any column, like the shortlists. This should also apply to the scouting priorities list. I also think it would be good if you could select a group of players and prioritise them.
  2. you can always fine them out of sheer spite... if they really *did* play that badly the rest of the team won't mutiny. don't ask me how i know.
  3. also, now that i've resigned, i'm bitterly disappointed that bad mouthing the board of my former club in press interviews is not an option. i'm a go cry myself to sleep now.... but i'll be all right, knowing FELCRA will never again reach the heights i took them to...
  4. i would like to be able to give the board an ultimatum over their accepting an offer of duct tape, broken shoelaces, chewing gum wrappers and an undisclosed length of string for a player (in this case, the best academy product). as it is, rather than storm out i decided to burn it all down, i told the GM to sell everyone. *then* i'll quit. not vindictive at all, nope
  5. special shout out to the other 45 people who think the Thai League 1 is a must-have league... and the crickets joining us
  6. haven't been on this forum much since the death of the late, great FML, but lately i've been playing FMH a lot (Android, until my Note 2 got stolen, and iOS since i inherited my wife's old girly-white iPhone). one thing that IS DESPERATELY NEEDED: more detail in filters for player search. 15 to 21 is way too broad a range and scouting players ends up being an annoying grind (instead of a rewarding one). ideally the manager should be able to specify the age range, not rely on overly broad presets. the wage search is pretty useless if all wage ranges start at zero. same for value. another thing that would be GREAT: filters for our squad. i tend to have a fairly large squad, and train players for more than one position if they seem to have enough PA to spend on it. this makes figuring out who can play, say, on the right wing when my first two choices are injured a real pain. maybe this is a bug rather than a feature, but there really aren't adequate tools for dealing with a player who is unhappy with his training regime. talking to him doesn't work. changing his training regime may worked, but i'm in 2019-2020 of my main save and it hasn't worked yet. not even once. the ONLY things that have ever worked in erasing this morale killer are a) give the player a new contract, which will work at least temporarily, or b) sell the moaning twit. if we're going to be faced with man-management crises, we should at least have tools that are effective once in a while. tactics: scouting report ought not to say that we ought to man-mark their best player when we don't have the tools to do so. i find the handheld game too easy, but i've been playing variants of FM for a very long time. many of my colleagues find it difficult, some even find it too difficult. i'd be thrilled with an extra level of difficulty IF the difficulty came in signing players. it's just too easy to sign good players. finally (well, finally until i think of something else): the stuff happening in the background is flat out weird sometimes. for example, Man U got relegated (i'd have thought that a little weird until this season). then, after being dumped into the championship, THEY BOUGHT A FULLBACK FOR 35 MILLION. instantly they were bankrupt--until they sold a player for about 6 MILLION!! i decided to run a little experiment and see to it that United lose enough matches every season to get relegated (it's utterly tedious but i do enjoy imagining all those smug glory hunting United fans who don't even know the names of the players in the squad suffering). what happened? somehow United were able to KEEP several key players in spite of being relegated repeatedly. David de Gea, for example, develops into a world class player--and takes pay cuts until he's playing for 3k a week!!! that shouldn't be happening. also, when it comes to stuff happening in the background: too many shock results in tournaments where the winner in real life is likely to come from a pool of the usual suspects (Russia wins the World Cup... in Brazil! LA Galaxy win the world club championship!)that stuff breaks the illusion and takes me out of the game. all in all, it's great being able to play the game while riding in a taxi, etc... but it could be even better with some tweaking.
  7. having to unlock attribute masking is really off-putting to a certain type of long-term, hardcore football manager fanatic (admittedly, maybe we're in a small minority, but...) the type of player who would want attribute masking is not the kind of player who would be interested in, or use, any of the other unlockable bling. these players (me for example, but i'm quite certain i'm not the only one) as a result of this, i've owned FM2014 for months but haven't bothered to actually play it. i normally would prefer to start unemployed with no rep whatsoever and get hired into an obscure league. i started this way with 2014, signing for a team in Singapore. to my horror, i had apparently developed psychic powers: i could see deeply into the abilities of every player in Singapore in spite of having just arrived from Somalia (my manager persona is a Somali named Mohamed Abdulkadir, a tribute to my all-Mohamed-Abdulkadir squad in the late, great FML). Steam Wallet has a minimum of $5; that means i have to either pay $5 for a feature that's been in the game for as long as i can remember or unlock it. i had a go at playing a season at Barcelona figuring Messi's a good shout for player of the year but i got bored out of my mind helming a superteam that i didn't build before i even made it through preseason. now this may seem like a protracted whinge but i think there's a serious point here: turning it off as a default is fine, but making customers who've bought every edition since CM3 pay extra for such a basic feature, one they've always used, makes no sense. i have no interest whatsoever in playing as an omniscient super-scout, so i'll probably just abandon my saves, and play something else until either a) i find some other game that will use up the rest of the five bucks i'd need to put in, or b) SI release a version in the future (2015? 2055?) that doesn't make me pay extra for something so fundamental to playing an in-depth game. not outraged, not trying to be dramatic, just not willing to pay five bucks or play a season as Barcelona to something that's been built into the game for as long as i can remember.
  8. thanks from me and all the others who were too lazy to look into the preferences or even complain about this, but kinda wished it'd go away. on closer inspection i can even make "attributes" the default player page. not that i'm nostalgic, but the new profile page doesn't have space for the development arrows. now ii'm inspired to look at all the preferences and inspect the new stuff! thanks again.
  9. i like the idea quite a bit. i put a lot of energy and a lot of arithmetic into selecting my staff, and would love it if the game offered more ways to organize. the head scout idea meshes nicely with the new scouting pool feature, too. i usually manage youth and reserves myself (to make sure that key youth players get playing time and good enough ratings to improve) but in principle i do hire tacticians and psychologists. can't think of any more roles, but i would like to bring back the notion of assigning a setpiece coach (i do like the new match preparation setup, but i think a setpiece coach whose attributes affected your individual setpiece takers and collective setpiece preparation would be a useful addition. maybe even different coaches for different setpieces, at least for a big club). another role that might be interesting is a 'sidekick' role, like Platt to Mancini. not an assistant manager, but more of a sounding board/advisor, with the ass man handling the logistics more. also, on another thread, the role of director of football was suggested. i think this could be interesting, and perhaps be split from your role as manager (if you manage to get hired for both roles, only then can you negotiate contracts, etc yourself). i think this is not unrealistic; Ferguson seems to have a lot of control (right down to choosing the airport limousine to pick up players) whereas Mancini gives Marwood et al a shopping list. your rep vs the club's rep could determine how likely you are to get hired for both roles at once...
  10. Signs Domestic Based Players - 1 (only enough to meet quotas, otherwise i don't care about nationality) Spends A Lot On Youth Signings - 20 Signs A Lot Of Youth Players - 20 Signs Young Players For The First Team - 18 (usually i sign oldies to mentor, not necessarily to start) Uses Budget On One Player - 12 (sometimes that one player's just what i need) Has A Large Senior Squad - 12 Will Use Young Players In Low Priority Cup Matches - 16 Will Not Have A Substitute Goalkeeper - 2 (i usually have a promising youth keeper or two coming up) Will Make Early Tactical Changes - 18 Will Use Zonal Marking For Set Pieces - 6 Will Fit Players Into Preferred Tactic - 8 (i usually buy to suit my style of play... my tactics vary a lot, my basic approach doesn't) Will Use Target Man - 1 Will Use Counter Attacking -20 Signs Lower League Players -10
  11. i like it and i think that SI SHOULD blindly copy it... if they can. prozone is software used by managers in real life to analyze player stats. if i'm not mistaken they have some licensing agreement with the *other* company. so great idea, but they may not be able to do it, not exactly anyway.
  12. it would be helpful also if yr ass man could recognize these distinctions. for example if you have your ass man suggest a starting lineup, he'd suggest a suitable TM for TM, a suitable MCA for mca, etc. it could even extend to DCs, as i usually have different setpiece assignments for each of them. good idea overall. oh and if they could go by number, old-school style, so that #11 = ML and not FC, that'd be a good way to distinguish. the ass man would 'look' at the instructions for the #5 position and recommend based on that, for example.
  13. Please god no..... I have no idea why people aren't satisfied with being the Manager in the game, who the hell wants to sort out advertising revenue, ticket prices, the tea order? Those jobs are boring in real life, why would you want to sim them? Scott M </div></BLOCKQUOTE> dear SI: can you set it up so that the team accountant is playable? i wanna be TEAM ACCOUNTANT.
  14. one more thing i'd like changed that irritates the snot out of me. why, oh why did SI see fit to make it so that whenever you offer a player to clubs, they respond "non-negotiable"????? barfbags are still gonna have to agree to a friendly to get the player; SI have just condemned me to a tediious process of offering and re-offering. i've never gotten even a single negotiable offer back. this makes no sense, i find it unrealistic as well as tedious.
  15. it would also be tantalizing from a scouting point of view. all those u20s, all fairly likely to get work permits... eeeexcellent. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Yes, I think with the actual Data Base and the loads of youngsters in the game there would be no problem to see in the game Under-17 tournaments. As you said this is a great oportunity for you to capt youngsters for your team, in a very reallistic way. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> </div></BLOCKQUOTE> yeah the players already exist. they wouldn't have to alter the database, just add the tournaments. should be do-able and would add a lot to the game, especially for those of us who sign 'em young and shape 'em. next ''wish list' feature is a bit sentimental so warning... but i'd like, if a key player is injured and will miss a cup final, the option to ask the team to win it for him. i mean the guy's gotta be miserable watching the match on crutches. <<quote boxes fixed. grrrrr. thanks, SI, for trusting me enough to edit my own freakin' post.>>
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