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  1. haven't been on this forum much since the death of the late, great FML, but lately i've been playing FMH a lot (Android, until my Note 2 got stolen, and iOS since i inherited my wife's old girly-white iPhone). one thing that IS DESPERATELY NEEDED: more detail in filters for player search. 15 to 21 is way too broad a range and scouting players ends up being an annoying grind (instead of a rewarding one). ideally the manager should be able to specify the age range, not rely on overly broad presets. the wage search is pretty useless if all wage ranges start at zero. same for value. another thing that would be GREAT: filters for our squad. i tend to have a fairly large squad, and train players for more than one position if they seem to have enough PA to spend on it. this makes figuring out who can play, say, on the right wing when my first two choices are injured a real pain. maybe this is a bug rather than a feature, but there really aren't adequate tools for dealing with a player who is unhappy with his training regime. talking to him doesn't work. changing his training regime may worked, but i'm in 2019-2020 of my main save and it hasn't worked yet. not even once. the ONLY things that have ever worked in erasing this morale killer are a) give the player a new contract, which will work at least temporarily, or b) sell the moaning twit. if we're going to be faced with man-management crises, we should at least have tools that are effective once in a while. tactics: scouting report ought not to say that we ought to man-mark their best player when we don't have the tools to do so. i find the handheld game too easy, but i've been playing variants of FM for a very long time. many of my colleagues find it difficult, some even find it too difficult. i'd be thrilled with an extra level of difficulty IF the difficulty came in signing players. it's just too easy to sign good players. finally (well, finally until i think of something else): the stuff happening in the background is flat out weird sometimes. for example, Man U got relegated (i'd have thought that a little weird until this season). then, after being dumped into the championship, THEY BOUGHT A FULLBACK FOR 35 MILLION. instantly they were bankrupt--until they sold a player for about 6 MILLION!! i decided to run a little experiment and see to it that United lose enough matches every season to get relegated (it's utterly tedious but i do enjoy imagining all those smug glory hunting United fans who don't even know the names of the players in the squad suffering). what happened? somehow United were able to KEEP several key players in spite of being relegated repeatedly. David de Gea, for example, develops into a world class player--and takes pay cuts until he's playing for 3k a week!!! that shouldn't be happening. also, when it comes to stuff happening in the background: too many shock results in tournaments where the winner in real life is likely to come from a pool of the usual suspects (Russia wins the World Cup... in Brazil! LA Galaxy win the world club championship!)that stuff breaks the illusion and takes me out of the game. all in all, it's great being able to play the game while riding in a taxi, etc... but it could be even better with some tweaking.
  2. Activate 'Fog Of War'?

    having to unlock attribute masking is really off-putting to a certain type of long-term, hardcore football manager fanatic (admittedly, maybe we're in a small minority, but...) the type of player who would want attribute masking is not the kind of player who would be interested in, or use, any of the other unlockable bling. these players (me for example, but i'm quite certain i'm not the only one) as a result of this, i've owned FM2014 for months but haven't bothered to actually play it. i normally would prefer to start unemployed with no rep whatsoever and get hired into an obscure league. i started this way with 2014, signing for a team in Singapore. to my horror, i had apparently developed psychic powers: i could see deeply into the abilities of every player in Singapore in spite of having just arrived from Somalia (my manager persona is a Somali named Mohamed Abdulkadir, a tribute to my all-Mohamed-Abdulkadir squad in the late, great FML). Steam Wallet has a minimum of $5; that means i have to either pay $5 for a feature that's been in the game for as long as i can remember or unlock it. i had a go at playing a season at Barcelona figuring Messi's a good shout for player of the year but i got bored out of my mind helming a superteam that i didn't build before i even made it through preseason. now this may seem like a protracted whinge but i think there's a serious point here: turning it off as a default is fine, but making customers who've bought every edition since CM3 pay extra for such a basic feature, one they've always used, makes no sense. i have no interest whatsoever in playing as an omniscient super-scout, so i'll probably just abandon my saves, and play something else until either a) i find some other game that will use up the rest of the five bucks i'd need to put in, or b) SI release a version in the future (2015? 2055?) that doesn't make me pay extra for something so fundamental to playing an in-depth game. not outraged, not trying to be dramatic, just not willing to pay five bucks or play a season as Barcelona to something that's been built into the game for as long as i can remember.
  3. one small addition i'd like to see is the future is the ability to comment to the press about individual matches. for example, in the buildup to a match between the other two title contenders, *both* commented (rather dismissively) on my title chances. they drew 1-1. i'd love to be able to click on the match and comment directly on how the match hurt both of their title chances. i'd also like the ability to be more negative / snotty in commenting on other managers (especially rivals) and even referees. if comments are inappropriate enough i'd like to see steeper sanctions and maybe a bit of scandal about my lack of decorum as a manager (for wildly inappropriate comments about the refereeing for example). most importantly though i'd like to be able to comment sarcastically about high-rep managers instead of being offered only a choice as to what kind of gushing sycophant i want to be. for example, when asked about Ferguson, i'd love to be able to say something along the lines of "well, no doubt he's talented, but he's a petty, vindictive and utterly loathsome reptile. i cringe in disgust at the mention of his unholy name." yes, i know i can add my own comments to the "i don't have much time for him," but that's not what i'm talking about. i want another, more extreme comment available, i want the option to fan the flames, or ignite the kindling if there are no flames yet. i want to be evil, and right now you just don't give me the option, SI...
  4. i'd like a function like that. i'd also like the opportunity to make snarky comments to the press about players, the way you can about managers, and have the option to make far less civil comments about other managers. it would be great to be able to behave really badly in game, and quite possibly get fined / touchline-banned for it... i'd also like to be able to call out reporters individually for writing things i disagree with, and even ban certain journos (it's realistic, just look at Ferguson).
  5. maybe, like in my City save, he'll do like Tevez and refuse to play, get fined, then he'll unilaterally take time off and the PFA will wring their hands and admit it's gross misconduct and you may even be able to terminate his contract while holding onto his registration. no wait, that's not my save that's real life. i think it's realistic enough that guys like Adebayor and Bridge are tough to get rid of; it's exactly the problem City had last summer (and will have next).
  6. ^ agree. contracts are integral to my strategy; i lower the base wage and stack it with incentives as much as possible. i'll pay well if the club have the money but i believe that the incentives do affect a player's motivation. even if they don't in-game that's how i'd do it in real life.also, i tend to tie down good, young players to long contracts so it isn't that much busywork.
  7. seconded. in real life the details of a negotiation are rarely if ever disclosed but i'd imagine such things could be negotiated as part of a contract deal, so why not have it in game?
  8. 4.4 MILLION Bosman? :S

    i've been pretty consistently seeing fees taken out of my transfer budget although i can't tell whether it's only agent fees, only signing fees or both (haven't looked at it that closely and have signed an entire youth squad all at once so hard to tell).
  9. only problem i've had so far with the offline mode is that it ignores achievements. this is not a big deal unless (like me) you're got problems with obsessive-compulsive disorder and desperately need to collect the whole set.
  10. curse you si

    download the 'more luck' patch. it's right next to 'hit the woodwork less often' in the downloads section.
  11. if one of the terms of the offer is not what they'd like i suspect they jack the offer way up. what i do is reset to the original offer and improve it slightly, taking note as to whether they'd want a sell-on, etc. i've noticed this for all negotiations including contracts. there are some terms they'll be inflexible about, some they'll be flexible about, and some agents are unwilling to negotiate for very long. can be difficult to find the sweet spot without overpaying or having negotiations break down but i think that's intentional, even when the player's listed. perhaps it's simulating the idea that a team can list a player at the player's request without really wanting to sell the player (Tevez before the shenanigans for example).
  12. ^ but the OP seems to be saying that players he *didn't* train originally as MC, and therefore were set in the database at the start, were losing the position and having to be retrained, in spite of being played in the position. if this interpretation is correct then maybe it should be reported in the bugs forum? on second thought this could be a 'feature' not a bug. if the player who is a natural dmc and accomplished mc is trained at say mr, and isn't versatile (hidden attribute), the ability gained in the new position might be coming out of the old (MC position) in spite of him being accomplished in the database. in other words, training a position may put the other positions 'in play' even if they are set in the database. i've never experienced it myself so i can only go by the OP's description.
  13. thanks from me and all the others who were too lazy to look into the preferences or even complain about this, but kinda wished it'd go away. on closer inspection i can even make "attributes" the default player page. not that i'm nostalgic, but the new profile page doesn't have space for the development arrows. now ii'm inspired to look at all the preferences and inspect the new stuff! thanks again.
  14. that's a self-fulfilling prophecy, isn't it? i mean, if they're not moderators you can label them fanboys and handwave away anything you disagree with. if i'm not mistaken the OP has been experiencing the same frustration for 5 years. does that not make the OP a "die hard fan"? as to the OP i myself have had no problem with the number of misses but it does seem that way more shots hit the post than real life. this applies to both teams not just the one i'm managing so if the problem is tactical then do the default tactics need looking into maybe? i wonder if it's been spiked slightly to make misses more dramatic... and if this slight spike maybe gets amplified by certain combinations of tactic vs tactic...
  15. Dodgy results

    weird scorelines have always been part of the game. one of my pet peeves has always been the number of times the World Cup will be won by, say, Mali instead of one of the favorites. i wouldn't mind as much if it were a general trend over several seasons (Mali build a fantastic program, United fade away over about 5 seasons) but there are too many fluky runs, especially in internationals.