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  1. Don't forget Newport County, Merthyr Tydfil and Colwyn Bay they are all Welsh teams playing in England.
  2. Those damned referees!

    sifrow thats not offside they are behind the ball when it is kicked.
  3. Yes this is how it works.
  4. Yeah but everyone has a limit. The whole point is a player with 115PA should be just that, a player who cannot get better than 115PA, as this is his natural ability limit. Coaches and training should just help him achieve 115PA.
  5. I think the system is fine as it is and more realistic. Not everyone has the ability to be a worldclass player as they don't have the natural ability and no matter how good the training and the coaches they will never exceed the level that there natural ability allows them to reach. If I had been given the best training and best coaches in the world since I started playing I would still not be a professional football player because I do not have the ability in the first place. Coaches and training only get you so far.
  6. They are correct. 3 from 5 subs.
  7. Subs rules at Level 8 (Regional First Divisions) are still 3 from 7 should be 3 from 5.
  8. The FA Trophy should be very easy to add all the previous rounds I have just managed to crack it. Also quite good prize money Preliminary Round winners (52) £2,000 First Round Qualifying winners (72) £2,300 Second Round Qualifying winners (36) £3,000 These are the 3 rounds not in the game at present.
  9. There are 3 rounds previous to the first round in the game. It involves all the clubs from Step 1 to Step 4.
  10. Hi Super bladesman great work on the file. Couple of things. Substitutes in the FA Cup should be 3 from 7 and substitutes in the step 3 and step 4 leagues should be only 3 from 5. Also do you have any plans to recreate all rounds of the FA Trophy. I have had a look at this myself and due to Newcastle Blue Star resigning at the beginning of the season I can't seem to work out how the real FA Trophy has worked this season. Great work can't wait for the next build.
  11. much easier options than this. just search google.
  12. I had this. Deleted FM09 and the FM10 demo plus all the files relating to them. Then restarted PC and installed with no other programs running. It installed without errors. Might just be conincidence but worth a try?
  13. For All Those Creating English Non - Leagues...

    The Wessex League prize money for this season is as follows: Premier Division Winners: £1,700 Runners Up: £1,200 3rd Place: £750 4th Place: £375 5th Place: £200 Division One Winners: £900 Runners Up: £600 3rd Place: £375 Wessex League Cup Winners: £750 Runners Up: £375 Losing Semi Finalists: £100 each Theres also a fair play award but not sure if this can be added in the game. The 'winners' get £400 in the Premier Division and £200 in Division One. Hope this helps.
  14. Have you got the games being played out in full detail. Just thinking that if the games aren't played out in full detail but just use reputation then these players never get found out and so managers keep selecting far beyond what they really should. Just a thought might not be like this at all.
  15. For All Those Creating English Non - Leagues...

    The best site is this one for non league info: http://www.tonykempster.co.uk/ Unfortunately the owner died after a long battle with cancer over the summer however if you go into the forums you can find a new site that the people on there are making. The Pyramid site is a little outdated now and so some things will have changed somewhat.