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  1. That is what I'm doing. I've taken your ideas to start a system that is patient in the build up. Now I want to transform that in to a system that is more aggressive in the final 3rd. You clearly have an eye for details with tactical elements of FM, so I was simply asking for any ideas you may have. If you don't want to help, that's fine but there's no need for a reply that makes me look and feel like a stupid child. I've acknowledged my question isn't directly linked to your post, I have explained I am not trying to simply copy, but further develop from the ideas in this post to create a new system. I'll never comment on your posts again Clean as I'm clearly not worthy of your greatness.
  2. As I said I've been using "this", by "this" I mean the tactic in the opening post, changed nothing, I should have made that clearer. Starting line up (when all available) De Gea Darmian Smalling Laporte Shaw Schneiderlin Schweinsteiger Pogba Mata Memphis Rooney As I say, I'm happy with the build up play from the back, just want to develop the tactic into having more thrust in the final 3rd. I understand that will result in giving the ball away more, but scoring goals is more important to me than possession. I know that's not the point of this thread, just wanting to develop it further for my needs. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I've been using this with Man Utd in tricky games. I'm mostly very impressed; control 55%+ possession and spend most of the game in the final 3rd. However, Our play in the final 3rd is toothless. I see many plays fizzle out with us passing slow and square on the edge of the box. We've even been passing it back out the box when we could be shooting or dribbling at the last man. I want to retain our patient build up play, but then be quicker and play with more attacking intent in the final third. How would you recommend achieving this? P.S. I should add I have tried against weaker times and the same thing happened.
  4. It's possible IRL although I can't think of any that have happened. Moyes is being linked to the Leeds job if the takeover goes through even though Evans only been there a few weeks. However, this is a game we pay money to play, you could be putting hours, weeks and months in to a save and being well as the OP was and for no fault be sacked just sucks really. I'd be livid.
  5. Thanks. I'm working on a counter tactic ATM, but I want to maintain my 41221 shape so players don't need to learn multiple roles. Was just seeing if I could gain a marginal advantage in any other areas. On that note, what would you suggest (or are there any good threads or blogs) for opposition instructions? I just leave it to my coaches right now.
  6. I'm playing as Man Utd so most games I'm expecting to win comfortably so I give the pre-game team talk Passionate "I expect to win". We win the vast majority of these in the first half, especially at home. But I'm struggling in the big/tough games. I'm in the process of altering my tactics, but I'm aware tactics are not the sole influence on match performance so I also want to know if there's anything I can do better in the team talks. What do you guys do in games that are either even or you're underdogs in? And what do you do at half time for various winning, losing and drawing scenarios. FYI I have a mainly ambitious squad with a smattering of determined personalities.
  7. If you hover over automatic it explains what it is, so I don't understand how it's confusing and posters have explained it in this thread giving further guidance. I'm starting to think FM is becoming very rigid and removing a lot of creativity for the player. My intention was not to single you out by the way. i do really enjoy your tactics guides. My biggest bug bear on these forums is people wanting things removed because they don't use them. I see now that wasn't your reason.
  8. Don't say things like it's pointless. I've read many of your posts and can see that you're very detail oriented in the way you play. Some people want to make quick changes during games without having to change every single players individual mentality. You don't use it I gather, but that's no reason for it not to be in the game. Other people want to use it, so it should be in the game. As an influential blogger SI take notice of your suggestions, so please be more responsible to the needs of your readers rather than purely what you use in the game.
  9. Drogba going back to Chelsea, Henry on loan to arsenal. If the OP wants to manage his team like this, he should be able to. FM is becoming far too rigid in what the player who pays for but can actually do.
  10. Drogba going back to Chelsea, hardly played, but he would have mentored youngsters. So if it happens IRL, how is it an exploit.
  11. I don't see how that can be an exploit. Would it be an exploit if Juventus had kept him and he mentored their young players? One of the bonuses of signing a player with his experience should be the motoring he will offer youngsters.
  12. I signed him before start of 2nd season for united. Only played a couple of games so far. On his debut he got in good positions, I thought he should have scored at least one. 2nd game, which was away, he scored the crucial 2nd goal. He ran beyond my CF who played him in and curled it in from edge of the box. I signed him for £70mil up front, and £7mil after 50 league games. He is 'home grown', and Edward Woodward said we would receive a bonus in commercial income due to his signing. I'm using him as CMa in a 41221. But he's versatile enough to play in any midfield position I believe. Only issue I have with him is I play a high tempo and his stamina is only 13, so I have had to sub him in both games after 70mins as his condition is down to 70. I've put him on a training regime to improve this and he's happy about it, so he's a good egg.
  13. I have the same issue as OP. I'm playing a 41221. I wanted one of CM strata positions to be an AP, but he closes down less at most which I find bizzare. Andres Iniesta is my inspiration for this role and he closes down a lot and I'd consider him the greatest AP IRL of the last decade. So to say this is an exploit as I've read previously is outrageously inaccurate when we have a real life incarnate of what I'm trying to achieve. We need a "custom role" in each position so that we as the players can decide how our players play. This seems to me to be possible with the CM role, but no others.
  14. I've almost completed my first season and not seen one free-kick for or against me hit the target. All hit the wall or fly wide.
  15. That's correct, I haven't explained that properly. He doesn't sit as deep as the CB's, but he isn't far in front of them. From what I have seen he is deeper than any other DMC role. His dropping combined with the fairly wide instruction seems to make my CB's split.
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