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  1. hey, I can't find a thread with funny goals, if there is one, attach this post please. I had a very funny goal in my last match. The opponent gk asked for medical help... he wanted to kick the ball away to get his treatment... and it ends funny...
  2. I have the same problem too. bought from OnePlay, got one activation code and it doesn't updated to full version. very frustrating!
  3. Yarunas

    [FM2013] OPZ Beam v.5

    looks amazing, great work, keep it up!
  4. Yarunas

    [WIP] Carbon Skin FM13

    too dark in my opinion. try to smooth it a little.
  5. sorry if i'm missing something, I bought the game with the voucher code (thanks Ackter). I got a confirmation and activation mail, it says that I should +add a game in steam and than paste the code below... but I didn't get any code to paste to steam. help?
  6. actually I have in my history as Head Coach of Maccabi Haifa several players that was true legends. here is an example of player I bought at age of 22, he was with Israeli second nationality, and he spend his time in my club until he became coach in my club.
  7. I have a question about the UI of the game. it seems in screenshots that the font is clearer and bigger ingame. is it true? in fm 2012 (don't remember how it was in 10,11...) the font was too small in my opinion for big resolutions... I know that you can change font's size, but it didn't goes well with the skins. any professional comment about that? thanks.
  8. Israel National Team (World Cup 1970): 1. Itzhak Vissoker (born 18 September 1944, 26 years old) - GK (Hapoel Petach-Tikva) 2. Shraga Bär (born March 24, 1948, 22 years old) - D R (Maccabi Netanya) 3. Menachem 'Miko' Bello (born December 26, 1947, 23 years old) - D L (Maccabi Tel-Aviv) 4. David Primo (born 5 May 1946, 24 years old) - SW/D C (Hapoel Tel-Aviv) 5. Zvi Rosen (born 23 June 1947, 23 years old) - D C (Maccabi Tel-Aviv) 6. Shmuel Rosenthal (born 22 April 1947, 23 years old) - D C (Hapoel Petach-Tikva) 7. Itzhak Shum (born 1 September 1948, 22 years old) - DM/M C (Hapoel Kfar-Saba) 8. Giora Spiegel (born July 27, 1947, 23 years old) - M/AM C (Maccabi Tel-Aviv) 9. Yehoshua "Shiye" Feigenbaum (born 5 December 1947, 23 years old) - ST (Hapoel Tel-Aviv) 10.Mordechai "Motaleh" Spiegler (born 19 August 1944, 26 years old) - F C (Maccabi Netanya) 11.George Borba (born in 1944 , 26 years old) - M R (Hapoel Tel-Aviv) 12.Yisha'ayahu Schwager (born 10 February 1946, 24 years old) - D C (Maccabi Haifa) 13.Yehezkel Chazom (Hazum; born 1947, 23 years old) - AML/ST (Hapoel Tel-Aviv) 14.Daniel Shmilovich-Rom "Shmilo" (born November 29 1940, 30 years) - ST (Maccabi Haifa) 15.Rachamim Talbi (born May 17 1943, 27 years old) - AM C (Maccabi Tel-Aviv) 16.Yochanan Vollach (born May 14 1945, 25 years old) - D C (Hapoel Haifa) 17.Eliahu Ben Rimoz (born 1947, 23 years old) - ST (Hapoel Jerusalem) 18.Moshe Romano (born 6 May 1946, 24 years old) - ST (Shimshon Tel-Aviv) 19.Aharon 'Roni' Shuruk (born February 24, 1946, 24 years old) - M LC (Hakoach Ramat-Gan) 20.David Karako (born February 11, 1945, 25 years old) - D R (Maccabi Tel-Aviv) 21.Yechiel Hameiri (born 29 August 1949, 21 years old) - GK (Hapoel Jerusalem) 22.Yair Nossovsky (born 29 June 1937, 33 years old) - GK (Hapoel Kfar-Saba) head coach: Emmanuel Scheffer (born 1 February 1924, 46 years old)
  9. Yarunas

    1992 - 2012: The Greats

    great database, thank you very much. a pure fun! will there be any updates? if update is in planning, I have some players that I think should be in: Dwight Yorke (Man Utd/Aston Villa), Jamie Redknapp (Liverpool), Neil Ruddock (Liverpool), Chris Sutton (Norwich/Blackburn), Paul Warhurst (Blackburn), Les Ferdinand (Q.P.R), Gary Pallister (Man Utd), Marco Van Basten (Milan), Roberto Donadoni (Milan), Basile Boli (Marseille), Lars Ricken (Dortmund), Haim Revivo (Celta Vigo), Eyal Berkovic (West Ham), Lee Sharpe (Man Utd), Sergiy Rebrov (Dynamo Kyiv), Mark Hughes (Man Utd), Jean-Pierre Papin (Bayern), Markus Babbel (Bayern), Cristian Nerlinger (Bayern), Paulo Sousa (Juventus), Jari Litmanen (Ajax), Heiko Herrlich (Dortmund), Stephane Chapuisat (Dortmund), Karl-Heinz Riedle (Dortmund), Alen Boksic (Lazio) I think it's good list to start with... appreciate your great work! (I know how hard it is)
  10. Yarunas

    [FM12] - Become a Pro!

    Player Information First name:Yaron Last Name:Silvas Nickname (optional): DOB: 16/01/1995 (16yo) City of Birth:Haifa Nationality:Israeli Second Nationality (optional): Height (CM):179 Weight (KG):75 Ethnicity:Mediterranean Hair Color:Brown Favourite clubs (optional):Liverpool, FC Barcelon, Maccabi Haifa Disliked clubs: (optional):Real Madrid, Internazionale, Hapoel Tel-Aviv Favourite personnel (optional):Roberto Colautti, Lionel Messi, Michael Owen, Pep Guardiola Disliked personnel (optional):Cristiano Ronaldo, Avi Luzon Player data Contracted Club (leave blank to be a free agent): Maccabi Haifa Preferred position: AM RLC Preferred foot: Right Preferred squad number: 11 3 x Technical Attributes: Finishing, Passing, Technique 3 x Mental Attributes: Concentration, Decisions, Flair 2 x Physical Attributes: Balance, Strength 2 x Bonus attributes: Off the Ball, Crossing Personality (highlight 2 x strengths below - use bold or put an X beside your selections) Adaptability Ambition Controversy Loyalty Pressure Professionalism Sportsmanship Temperament Preferred Moves (highlight 3 x strengths below - use bold or put an X beside your selections) Shoots With Power Tries Killer Balls Often Plays Short Simple Passes Gets Forward Whenever Possible Moves Into Channels Gets Into Opposition Area Runs With Ball Through Center Runs With Ball Down Right Runs With Ball Down Left Places Shots Curls Ball Likes to Round Keeper Likes to Try To Break Offside Trap Argues with Officials Likes to Lob Keeper Plays No Through Balls Dwells On Ball Arrives Late In Opposition Area Tries To Play Way Out Of Trouble Stays Back At All Times Dives Into Tackles Does Not Dive Into Tackles Hits Freekicks With Power Runs With Ball Often Runs With Ball Rarely Shoots From Distance Avoids Using Weaker Foot Tries Long Range Free Kicks Cuts Inside Comes Deep To Get Ball Hugs Line Looks For Pass Rather Than Attempting To Score Marks Opponent Tightly Plays With Back To Goal Possesses Long Flat Throw Stops Play
  11. I hope so. In our country there is a saying: from your lips to god.
  12. http://www.sigames.com/news/14133/Be+the+first+to+see+Football+Manager+2013 ??
  13. Yarunas

    [FM12] Nik33's Data Packs

    does those update files works with 12.0.0 database?