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  1. best thing about this kind of thing is they usually play the worst one and you can sign the best for nothing. Diego Bounanate at man city for 26 mill i sign him for 3 and a half after 2 seasons cus they had like 7 att mid.
  2. capello got sacked and now im in charge
  3. Marquinhos

    i play him on the right and he sets up plenty and well if your anythin like me and you buy strikers every chance you get then he is brilliant to hav cus he is great on the right and if need be put him upfront
  4. instead of the board finding suggestions for feeder clubs you can make recommendations and then u dnt get teams like columbus crew lol
  5. lol my print screen just ain't workin so thought i'd take a phone pic, finishin 18, heading 17 and composure 15 then every else is like 15 or lower apart from work rate, to me does'nt seem worth it, they shud come and buy one of mine
  6. http://img242.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cxc028yf4.jpg Wow!! lol of all people saldado, he did get 3 on his debut tho.
  7. Unhappy players

    lol im guessin your newc manager and yes i get this, rafa does it all season after martins gets a goal and if taylor gets a gud rating, they dnt reall play worse when it happens for me but martins has asked for a transfer request but i just ask for 20 mill
  8. Rediculous goals

    Barton scored a perfect hat-trick for me, his head, left foot from 20 yards and right foot from 25. But thats about it i concede goals from ex-players and players on my shortlist alot tho, played west ham in the cup and dyer, bowyer and bellamy scored lol.
  9. lol this just happened again 2-0 up bolton not had a shot on target second half 2 goals for Muamba!!! ha the guy missed from 4 yards against utd but scores from 25 against me, oh well guess i'll hav to score 3 nxt time.
  10. i've nearly completed a season and im not enjoyin it as much as i enjoyed 08, it seems to me like they've forgot about the whole gameplay and focused on gimmicks like 3d engine and annoyin post and pre match conferences. What do you think? Obviously i'd need to give it more time but so far i ain't all that impressed.
  11. Why Cant Our Teams Score?

    dnt kno if anyone else is gettin this but if im one nil up at half time no matter what i do it ends up 1-1 or 2-1 defeat, happened in 8 out of 12 games, im newc and i would'nt mind but i've said thrilled, encouraged and dnt get complacent and yet the same response plus i bid for vagner love 8 mill and i get rejected then sunderland bid 8 and they sign him ha!, guess its just newcastle bein newcastle lol.
  12. player pics

    alrite i'll check it cheers.
  13. I've never really bothered about player pics but my friend was wondering whether you are able to get pics for say the prem teams through an update, anyone know?
  14. Gravesen is surprisingly gud for a free and wijinaldum gets a 7 or above even at 17, **** duff, just like in real life no end product.