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  1. The 'hold shape' TI was chosen on the basis that it might defensive solidity in that we'd keep our shape. Ideally I'd like to see an attractive counter-attacking style. I like fast, short passing, but recognise it's difficult to implement well. I was trying to replicate a counter attacking style without the counter TI selected, to help with defensive solidity as that's where I normally struggle with a 4-4-2. Thank you for your help so far.
  2. Other than the striker and central midfield positions being reversed, yep.
  3. Sorry, clumsy typing. Full backs are in full back roles, both wide men are wingers with attacking duties.
  4. I've created a very basic 4-4-2 which works well at lower levels in England. It has helped me win the National North with York, finish third in the same league with Alfreton, win automatic promotion from League Two with Walsall and win the Championship comfortably with Leeds. It does the things I hoped it would do: it's defensively solid, keeps my teams well down the bookings table (which I struggle with when trying to operate the high press in other tactical set-ups) and gives me enough goals to be challenging at the right end of the table if I have a good enough side. It does less well
  5. I am and I resolved the issue a little while ago. For reasons I don't understand it was 'Borough' in the 19.1 database and 'Town' in 19.3. As you say, likely an issue with multiple file use, but sorted now. Thank you for responding.
  6. I’m using Dan’s England to Level 22 file at the moment. The league I’m starting in, the Midland League Division One, currently has 19 members. However the normal number of members is 20. Is there a way I can adjust promotion and/or relegation for season one only to correct the number of members for future seasons, returning to the regulation number of promotions and relegations thereafter?
  7. Can I ask are the earliest rounds of the FA Cup regionalised in this file as in real life? My Loughborough side have just drawn Royal Wootton Bassett in the preliminary round.
  8. I reversed the above change in the end as it messed around with entry rounds for national north/south teams. I’ll just have to suspend my disbelief at Coleshill Town starting a round earlier each year. Got the dates sorted, that was the main thing. I can get cracking with my Loughborough Dynamo save tomorrow evening now.
  9. It was a bit fiddly to do but I got there in the end. Another change I’ve made is to stop the extra-preliminary round pulling in level 8 clubs. In real life some do enter in that round, however whilst the file was also pulling in a handful of the same level 8 teams for every year of testing which is similarly unrealistic. In the absence of any knowledge to make having to play in that round completely dynamic (so dependent upon finishing low enough in the league) I decided instead to pull through extra teams from level 10 (all level 9 teams participate anyway. Not true to life but as I don’t in
  10. Is there anything I can do to the fine to make regional first divisions start the season on Saturday 11th August rather than the following midweek? As I’m sure you’ll know some clubs have an FA Cup extra-preliminary round that day which seems to skew the start date for the league season for all level 8 clubs. It isn’t a game breaker by any means but I’d like to change it if I can.
  11. Is there a way of changing a club name in the pre-game editor? Nuneaton Borough are appearing as Nuneaton Town on the ‘choose team to manage ‘ screen and I’d like to change it. I can sort it in game with an lnc file but would like something which doesn’t require a save game reload, if possible. I have attempted to change the club name in the editor using both basic and advanced rules, but nothing seems to work. I’ve done this in both the standard database and another English database I tend to use. I’m quite new to this so would appreciate it if somebody is able to walk me through t
  12. Ah, I see. I don't understand the editor myself so don't know how stupid this question might be - but what harm would it do to the file/what would it mean in terms of workload to revert to basic rules?
  13. It may be worth asking Dan BHTFC. It works in his Level 22 file.
  14. It may be worth testing beyond the first season as the competition didn’t take place at all the following year for me.
  15. That would be right; the Vase kicks in at level 9 in real life.
  16. No, I was running a holiday for a few seasons to test how well the regionalisation at lower levels works. Very well, is the answer; it’s incredible work. I was pleased that the u21s didn’t enter the FA Cup for the reason you’ve given, but I’m not clear if they would be able to enter the Trophy not how far they’d be allowed up the pyramid. I noticed that Rugby Town had won promotion as high as the National Keague North seven seasons in I didn’t want the same scenario with an u21 team, however unlikely. The solution for me is very simple anyway. I have no intention of managing below le
  17. After a few seasons I have Plymouth Argyle U21s appearing in the Southern League Division One South. They appear in the FA Trophy but not the FA CUP. Is this an error or is it fine?
  18. I've just holidayed through a couple of seasons with this and have spotted a major error with the FA Cup. In the first season the competition was contested only by non-league clubs and was won by Frickley Athletic. It appears not to have taken place at all the following season. Otherwise this is fantastic; I was only holidaying to feel sure the regionalisation worked, and it does. The oddest thing I found was Boston United being relegated to the Ryman Premier. I'd expect them to end up in the Northern Premier League or the Central league - but the Ryman league does include sides just down
  19. Hi guys. i’m looking for a new PC to run FM19. I’d like to be able to run the English, German, French, Italian and Spanish leagues as playable as a minimum, but wouldn’t mind being able to add the Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Brazilian and Argentinian on top of that. The latter ones aren’t essential as I tend to run a fair few on view only anyway, but being able to do so would be a nice bonus. I tend to watch matches in 2D, but the ability to do so in 3D would be nice to have as an option. But, again, not essential. I’ve found something with the following spec and
  20. Any ideas? I'd love to find it. No doubt it will turn up on this page and I've just been to thick to notice.
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