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  1. The only time this is happening is when there are coincidental minor penalties. Instead of the faceoff being dropped at the closest faceoff dot, as per the rules, the faceoff is always moved to the opposite end of the rink. So, if I'm on the attack, the faceoff is occurring in my defensive zone after the coincidental minors are assessed. It also happens when I'm defending and the penalties are called, where the faceoff then moves to my offensive zone. Again, not a massive deal, but annoying, and I'm hoping it should be a fairly easy fix.
  2. Peter, it's actually not so common in Europe, so I can understand the OP's question. It's interesting, in North America, coaches tend to be far less likely to pull a starter to put in the back up, yet in Europe that is something that happens very regularly. Rakennusmestari (wow what a handful to type) in North America, with about a minute and a half to go (sometimes more, sometimes less) the majority of coaches here tend to pull a goaltender for the extra attacker. Perhaps that's something to be looked at as a coaching attribute? Likeliness to pull goaltenders for extra attacker.
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