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  1. Thanks, that's good to know. Though if I recall correctly FMRTE is slightly more expensive (for FM14) than SI's In-game editor, right?
  2. I have created a club in the English Level 10 (using FCWilUnited's league expansion) and the idea of this club is to see how far I can make it with the squad entirely made up of players from the club's youth academy. In FM12 I did the same thing (though I started at level 8) and the game generated 18 16-year-old players for me when setting up the game (which was perfect), but when I set up a game in FM14 I am given around 30 players, about half of which are 17 or older. I have set the club to be founded in 2013 (to simulate that the 2013-14 season would be the club's first ever season in existence) and hoped it would be enough to prevent this issue but it wasn't. Is there any way to influence the players generated at the start of the game (apart from their quality) by using the pre-game editor? Is it an issue with the expansion pack or is there nothing I can do about it? If it can't be helped by the pre-game editor, I will have to play around with the in-game editor. I haven't bought it yet and I don't intend to if it can't help me solve this particular issue. So I have two questions about it: 1. Can you set retirements, or even better, remove players? In the ideal world I wouldn't want my older, generated players to influence the game world in any way (after being released by me), so if they could be removed directly from the game or be made to retire in the near future that would be ideal. 2. Can you edit age/date of birth? If I can't remove those players, hopefully I can at least turn them into 15/16-year-olds. There are also a couple of 17-20-year-olds that I would like to keep and make a couple of years younger, just for the sake of the "fantastical realism" of this scenario, to make sure that I would have at least 18 players for my first season. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. The 18-year old has CA 80 and PA -7 in the database. Star CA at my club is anything above 120, so he has the potential to be a star player at the club. He is a goalkeeper and has the same CA as my current 2nd choice keeper. The 16-year old has CA 72 and PA -6 in the database. With that PA chances are he would just become a squad player, but how would the board know that a 16-year old with the ability to almost be a regular in the Danish 2nd tier would not become a future star in the Danish 1st tier? I don't think my board of directors would or should be so stupid as to limit the wages for these two players, because they are both quite promising!
  4. I managed to get one of them on 7k p/m, 1,2k per game (the maximum allowed amount) and a 50% yearly wage rise. But my point was that when I have that much room in my wage budget, I should surely be able to offer 20k p/m to a promising 18-year old? Especially when all pro U19-players at the club are on similar deals.
  5. These two players are the only ongoing negotiations I have. No future transfers either.
  6. But 20k p/m is not a big contract. First team players are payed anywhere between 40k and 200k p/m and players in the outskirts of the first team are payed ~30k p/m. Also they would only let me offer these youngsters about 20k p/m if I set them as Key Players (which they absolutely wouldn't be).
  7. I just started my first save in FM13 and I am managing AaB in the Danish Super League. I have no transfer budget (which I have no problem with) because that enables me to have DKK150k available per month in my wage budget. I am currently trying to sign two Norwegian youngsters (aged 18 and 16) on free transfers. They want to be on full time contracts so I have to offer them at least Backup status but I can only offer them DKK7k per month, which is about 25% of what they want. The most promising youngsters at the clubs are on about DKK20k p/m so why can't I offer these foreign youngsters the same amount? I have no idea why the board would choose to restrict the wages I can offer when I have so much room in the wage budget. Do you guys think it's a bug? It seems like one to me.
  8. Would it be possible to upload the latest version to another site?
  9. Is there any way to download this without having to create a 4shared login?
  10. Most teams in the Danish 2nd Division (3rd tier) are amateur.
  11. Wouldn't it be realistic to use the "graphical attributes" option in the preferences? If you're managing Barcelona you're going to see that Messi is better than Cristian Tello in training every day, but it's going to be harder to tell if Xavi is braver than Iniesta, for instance.
  12. If I didn't take so long to complete a season, I would manage 4-5 clubs in different countries and create my own Pozzo-like partnership.
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