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  1. Thats how I got out of debt with Bolton AI offers a lot of money for unproven young players. I mean all of them "were stars" that were developed and I sold for exampe 700k value for 10 millions. I sold 5/6 of those and none of them developed all were crap. It happens if for example a 17 year old has 100 ability and 110 potential. The AI is fooled by his high ability at that age and overpays thinking it will become a great player but he is just 110/120 player
  2. I am going to before patch I cant stand the Public beta... My AMc finished with 5 passes last match he is world class player
  3. I am working man I wan to play for few hours and enjoy my time. I cant spent 1 hour to prepare for each FM game like a real life football manager. I know some of the users are a bit on the younger side and are still not working so maybe they can spent hours tweaking tactics for each opponent so they can get someting out of the ME but I cant do that its not fun Just up the conversion rate to be honest as long as most of us are winning we wont be complaining that much but right now getting 30 shots on a goal with 3 on target and losing is soo frustrating... If I save scum a home game against the bottom team I will win 5 times and I expect 5 draws or losses while I am dominating and I am like world class side compared to them. I mean I cant get results against the worst teams if they score first go on the defensive and with my players missing their chances its game over also players with 150-160 CA and watching them on key shooting into throw ins or in the stands from great positions? I mean I am having misses of the season every single game . I
  4. I thinK neymar is unpredictable Latest report is he wants a new contract in PSG
  5. I just did that also I need information I cant handle F20
  6. I honerstly think two striker formation work much better then one striker formation.. Its small size but since I really love my save I am trying everything to make it bareble for me to continue. I palyed 2 games with 2 striker and both I won 4:2 4;0 with both strikers scoring . its small size but I just think the ME Cant handle one striker formation properly Problem is two striker formation are not the best for domianting possesion etc especially when my whole team is build around having AML AMR...and I want to play with AMC not striker.. Just conceded another goal where my AMR just forget the ball and i got hit on the counter to make matters worse he continue to shot all the time as supportive inverted winger with 9 finishign.. FInished with 6 shots... ..... I am its just heartbreaking losing and watching him squander every chance i got He is MR with Pass shorter , SHOOT LESS (trait pass instead of shoot) and finished with 6 shots on goal... completed 13 passes ... I mean he shoots more times then he passes and he has finishing 9
  7. I mean there is some sense in those words but I am seing fundamental problems I am conceding this goals 1st- IFK- Cross in my box then my defender fails to clear/clears to opposiiton and he taps it in or heading to each other 2nd- Counter attack and sometimes it happens like this my ARM sprints tries to cut inside and FORGETS THE BALL.. you know it ... Then they hit me on a counter 3rd Just a simple counter attack after dominating possetion missing multiple chances or playing exremely attacking looking for the goal My misses Still Numerous 1 on 1 especially if it comes from the wing they cant shoot it past the keeper more often then not they manage to put in in throw in My strikers getting into position forgetting the ball or just passing to the GK instead of blasting him hard Headers going 2 meters above the net non stop I mean if you score one of those the game will be open the AI WIll go on attack but why play attacking when its 0:0 and they can hit you on a counter because in this game if I concede first usually its game over
  8. Another posted posted good statistics in the feedback on general forum He just finished a single season and top goal scorers in 90% of the leagues had 10/11 goals tops.. Other players are saying their top scorers are CM with bad longshots (thats the case with me) Since the longball chances are nerfed we create fewer one on one and our strikers still miss them horendously My last game I lost 1:2 First goal I conceded my AMR went full speed then FORGOT The ball (its like berba spin in fifa) the defender stole it organized a counter. Opposition crossed my CB did a header clearance straight into my oponent striker 0:1 Then I missed numerous situation usually end up my AML AND AMR shooting into a throw in rather then at the GK I mean SI Know the situation. Same old same old. The only improvement is fixing the Longball and AMR and AML are more likely to pass but dribbling tackles clearances. Forgetting/tripping on the ball. Non stop misses .. I just installed FM 19 .
  9. I have noticed my AML and AMR are more likely to shoot the ball in throw in then at goal. I mean horrendous misses btw my strikers both have shoot with power but they always want to pass it to their GK in one on one. In the past versiosn I was worried they may actually kill the opposition GK
  10. Top Scorers Premier league 14 games Harry Kane 7 goals 3 penalties (he scored em all Dybala 14 games 3 goals Salah 17 games 6 goals Reinier 15 games 4 goals (arsenal current striker) Lautaro Martinez 14 games 3 goals (man utd Sebastiano Esposito 19 games 6 goals rashford 15 games 4 goals Franesco Panteleoni Chelesea Regen 19 Accel 19 agility 20 balance 19 pace 18 finishing 16 technique 16 fifrst touch 19 off the ball. This is probably th ebest player in the game right now 13 games 6 goals in EPL I just saw him he is god among man.. Spain Cesare Riosa 14 games 6 goals ( lone striker Atletico Madrid they are top of the table 12 wins 2 draws0 Havertz 14 games 3 goals Milan Rafael Leo 10 games 3 goals Piatek 13 games 3 goals... Its horrendous . Its ruining emersion for me. TO be honest I dont think they can fix this... Considering this patch even made thigns slightly worse and they have been wroking on it for a long time
  11. Yep the same thing I am preaching Strikers are even more useless then before. 20 games in the season there is no striker in the world with more then 10 goals in the league... I am just trying to give it a go right now at half time i have 15 shots 1 on target.. I mean ... Most goals I concede are poor cleareances so usually ist scored from everybody. I mean my defenders keep clearing to opposition players or goals from IFK... Opposition striker almost never score so for me My top scoresrs are MC and AMC with shoot more with long shots 10 both... Just finished the game i was it 25 shots 5 on target against 12 shots 4 on target 1:0 for me.. 60 % possesion We finished with 3 CCS and 4 half chances for one rebound goal...
  12. I completly agree I have conceded 10 goals per season from IFK.. Usually its cross someone head its down to their attacker and they hit it with power or something like this. I am more scared of IFK then a one on one chance
  13. I dont agree I am missing tons of headers and barerly scoring at all with tall players and good heading ability. I mean sure sometimes we score a header but considering there are 10 such chances per game cuz no central play I find it awful
  14. I agree completely with almost everything you said I think CCS conversion maybe is like 10% better because sometimes my strikers score the easiest goals I mean before one one was 100 miss but before we also got atleast 4/5 over the top to my strikers so now when this is fixed almost nobody is scoring at all in my game. Teams are averaging 1.2 goals per game (All 20 times in EPL comibined and calculated). Top 4 teams in all countries have 1.3 goals per game while usually bottom half teams have 1 goal per game or 0.8 goals per game Chelsea is 13 goals in 13 games with 7 wins all 1:0. Top scorers in all leagues have 6 goals in 13/14 games which is absurd ammouth . I see some wing player with decent crosses but only if the winger is stopped from entering the penalty area. As soon as he enters he is looking always for score not for the assist (Look for pass rather then goal, shoot less pass shorter instructed) Headers are atrocius . I have 185 AML/ARM/AMC/ST they all have heading 12 /13 + and they sail them non stop over the bar. long shots still easy to score . My MC wiht 10 long shot with instructions shoot less has 4 long shot goals in 13 games. Considering thats 1/4 of the goals i have scored overall
  15. I think the issue is he missed 4 clean cut chances judgding by his stats.
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