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  1. I genuinely believe that FM07 was a far better game. I can't get into FM08 for some reason. It's not taking over my thoughts like FM07 and previous versions did. FM08 is dull and uninspiring. I've finished only one season since I got the game and even after that was finished I started again out of boredom. As mentioned earlier, FM09 needs something fresh. Most of the features in the game — especially the new ones — add nothing to the game experience. I NEVER respond to media comments since the responses are illogical and dangerous to morale; I only ever give high squad win bonuses since it's ludicrous to do otherwise; the pitch dimensions option is purely superficial; board confidence needs fixing and isn't really a feature; not once have I used the transfer centre, and most importantly, tactics are as ambiguous as ever and still lack the supporting feedback to aid those who have not the time to study matches meticulously. 8.0.2 is not a bad game, but it's not great either. In fact, the potential is there for it to be truly great. However, after the farcical release of a laughable (if only it was funny) boxed version coupled with the fact that the "final version" was not released until 4 months later, I've quite a bitter taste in my mouth. It's gone a bit stale, SI. Give us something new, but fix the thing first. Please? I'll be willing to see this one as a blip if FM09 threatens my marriage like 07 did. I've not had one fight with my wife regarding FM08, because quite frankly, I'd rather sit with her on the couch and watch "What Not to Wear." Trust me when I say that this speaks volumes.
  2. Are you rubbish too?

    I don't think it's anything to do with your ability as a manager to be fair. After downloading 8.0.2, (finally) I've concluded that it's an utter shambles; not because it's a poor game — in fact, I think it would be a very good game if there was any way of discovering why things don't work. This is not a rant. FM07 suffered from this lack of feedback significantly, but it just about got the balance right and it was a tremendous game. You would think that in order for the game to evolve, SI would introduce a system that at least gives you a hint as to why your tactic succeeds/fails. It's no wonder you're rubbish at the game considering the slider system is tantamount to playing a roulette wheel. I I honestly couldn't tell you how good I am at the game. In my first season after downloading the new patch, I finished second with Everton using one tactic/formation throughout the whole season home and away. My first impression was that it was far too easy. So, armed with my successful 4-4-2, my brother and I decided to start our legendary online game and I chose Tottenham. Similar enough players I thought, so why not use my trusty 4-4-2 I thought. I ended up finishing 16th in the league. In one match away to Metalist (I do have the save game and screenshots) they dominated possession 75% – 25%. All kinds of weird things were happening throughout the season. I'm still trying to work out why it happened. Tactics? Could be, but it's just a logical 4-4-2. Not tweaking enough? Maybe; but I never had to mess around when I was Everton. Luck? Luck doesn't make a team finish near the bottom. Too many players not speaking English? Could be. Too many players signed in a short space of time? Could be. Flawed programming and game? Could be. But this is the only suggestion that ever gets shot down. Thing is, we'll never know. And that's the fundamental problem with the game as a whole.
  3. I'll give you one good reason: The boxed version was released almost 4 months ago. It doesn't really matter what the problems or technicalities are of the "patching process." Whether 8.0.2 or FM09 is going to be a programming marvel or not as a result of all this waiting does not really concern me in the slightest. Everything other than the fact that the patch HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED yet is completely impertinent. Dave C: Your ostentatious counter to the original post, as true as it may be, is completely extraneous. I don't care if Jonathan James is the only computer genius capable of cracking the code, and SI are yet to track him down. How is any of this the consumer's problem? The clients I deal with on a daily basis at work could give a flying monkey how I end up with the final results I give them. They're not interested in the long and thought out design process(es) I have to painstakingly trawl through to arrive at the final product; in the same vein, I don't care what SI have to go through to 'get it done.' In my opinion they have already failed.
  4. Criticism???

    There were definitely not as many complaints regarding FM07 because quite simply put, it was, and still is, a superior game to FM08. It matters not how cynical or hostile the complaints are; people have a right to complain on here. As far as I am concerned, the negative atmosphere encompassing this forum is well founded, and illustrates quite starkly, the poor state of the game. Preach positivity and constructive feedback as much as you like. However, please don't have the audacity to tell me that it's acceptable for SI to release a 'finalised' version of the game roughly 9 months before the next version is released. I've been waiting patiently for the patch, playing the game once in a while out of sheer loyalty and dumbfounded hope that the game isn't as bad as I, and many others feel it is. I've pondered that it's my tactics as I've pondered and tested many other variables. It's not my tactics if I have 10 one-on-ones in a match and score none. It's the game. I'll repeat that. It's the game. Currently we have a template that is simply oozing potential, but until that potential is realised, this version may as well be forgotten; because at the minute, it's border line unplayable.
  5. Why is your username your username?

    I've seen one Actually, it was just a completely random name that popped into me head.
  6. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">I just don't see it as the huge problem as everyone else does - but then part of that is that I'm still playing FM 2007 and not FM 2008, so can't really comment on that match engine. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> This isn't intended to be inflammatory in the slightest, but I simply must comment on this reply from you, Gav. How on earth are you going to come on here and argue about something you know little or nothing about? This ignorant blindness is exactly what we don't need on these forums. Are there too many complaints? Yes. Are they founded on hearsay or is there some kind of mass hysteria infecting these here parts? NO! SI have been desperately trying to release a patch to fix the patch of the patch due to there being a rather significant problem with the match engine if you haven't heard or noticed. The fact that a patch is due to be released in February months after the original release clearly constitutes a problem, I'm sure you will agree. Do I think SI are deceiving us? Not directly no, and not in the same context of the original post, but there IS a problem — it's been highlighted in numerous posts in this forum, and as it happens, the findings/complaints, whatever you want to call them, are well founded and fit in well with my game world and game experience. I've gone off topic slightly and I apologise, but please don't come on here and involve yourself in a debate you know nothing about, mate. Not only do you make a mockery of your own thoughts and opinions, but you too make a mockery of the folks on here that have played the game, experienced issues, and feel very let down by this version thus far. The least you can do is inquire yourself before posting on the matter — it's common decency, mate, that's all.
  7. The original Champ Man or Champ Man Italia for me. I was just an 11 year old kid when the original came out. I literally played it at every possible opportunity. The most enjoyable version to date, I think is FM07. FM08 has the potential to be a masterpiece, but unfortunately it's simply not. The fact that it's not going to be February until it's 'fixed' is simply disgusting.
  8. Me best mate was Jason Koumas before I left the country. I played with him and Steven Gerrard in the Eastham League on the Wirral for a team called Heygarth. Well, I played with Gerrard twice because he was mostly training with Liverpool, but I played with Jason for years at school. We used to bunk school and play snooker. I drank with plenty of the Tranmere lads from Jason's Tranmere days. Alan Mahon is a complete wanka. He used to finish a drink, throw the glass in the air, and try and control it on his foot. Total flash wanka. Those lads used to get trolleyed on a Wednesday night with training the next day.
  9. I think Matt UK has a very valid point. What on earth is this thread about? Why are you all theorising for a game that doesn't even function correctly? The game is more bugged than John Lennon's phone. Not only this, it looks as though you are trying to decipher the Omega code. Bloody hell lads! I can tell you quite honestly that you don't need to go in to this much detail. One NEVER CHANGING tactic can plonk you in the top 4 with ease due to the game's flaws. It's too EASY! You haven't noticed yet that you will score 3 or 4 every game? What a waste of time! This reminds me of a cult that is too frightened to let go. You are all scaring me actually. Au revoir FM zombies.