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  1. Any chance you could upload the Portuguese League winners? Great thread!! Cheers Will be surprised if I see more than 3 different winners!
  2. First Benfica (still ongoing) now QPR (new game) in 4th season mid table prem, missed CL spot by a few points to Sunderland last season!! nooooooo. not going very well this time round should bounce back next season hopefully!
  3. C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2009\ and make a shortcut of the fm.exe icon to your desktop (or anywhere else) for ease of use
  4. So its been a week....

    exactly, I lost a match 1-0 and had about 6 shots hit the post, very similar trend followed in the next couple of games :( too many shots hit the post/woodwork
  5. Something more for dualscreen would be cool yeah! at the moment I just play FM on one screen and leave the other for anything else
  6. Press conferences - all the same

    I just send the assman most of the times and he does reasonably well. I specially hate attending the derby/rival meetings, all the same.
  7. (patched) at the moment I only have 4 and i consider myself lucky (2-3weeks, 1-2months, 3weeks-1month and 1 month), but as soon as these start coming back there will be another player who straight away picks up an injury like this. not a moment of peace!
  8. Two General Questions

    not sure about first team. but general average is at Information >> Views >> Facts
  9. Dont Download From Steam!

    the only thing i didnt like with Steam was the price. but i got it from there regardless as i wasn't bothered to go and get it. though i never had problems
  10. Activation question

    im not sure about that as all the activations are stored in a server and not locally
  11. Activation question

    it needs to be activated again and would be quicker with internet, but might just have to do with phone.
  12. press ctrl+alt+delete and in the processes tab check if there isn't fm.exe running. if its their end the process and try running again
  13. How do you?

    its under club information >> views >> stadium/facilities
  14. Where is editor?

    don't drag the actual file, put it back in the data editor folder, then right click and create a shortcut of that icon and drag that to your desktop. just so you dont have to go all the way to use your data editor, if you might use it often its easier to create a shortcut