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  1. Home Grown question

    im sorry for bringing up an old thread but after doing a search this is the closest i get to my answer. i didnt want to start a new thread but i want to know why Lukaku doesnt become homegrown for Chelsea?
  2. ive treated bendtner quite badly wonder if that could be the reason? still not used to this player interaction thing. havent played the game in years
  3. only 1 player has had a red so far and i gave him a warning. im winning most games with ease including beating man utd 2-0 and spurs away 1-0. should i start doing the press conferences myself then?
  4. hi im playing as arsenal and ive gone over 30 games unbeaten, and for some reason Sebastian Frey and Fabregas have requested a transfer due to my "failure to improve the management of the players" and their unhappiness reason states 'worried by lack of discipline'. why is this? my ass man takes the press conference, could this be the reason? ive only had the game a week now, does the patch fix this problem? is there anyway i could get them happy again? fabregas has me down as a favourite personnel already. i dont understand thanks
  5. i know its been said on numerous occasions but the arsenal rant is so petty. typical sjoke fans
  6. A question to SI

    no i didnt sorry. apologies
  7. A question to SI

    mate you go on a bosnian forum and see how well your grammar is. english is clearly not his first language. (its also the hardest to learn. even we cant write/speak sentance in grammaticle sence!)
  8. Hats off to SI and SEGA. serioulsy man, after last years attrocity you'd think this announcement would please everybody. clearly not. its no different to how FM/CM has been since the start so why is everybody moaning? you've always had to play with the disk in the drive up untill last year. seriously, get a grip. thanks people at SI/SEGA for going back old school:) im happy. very happy. even if these haters arn't
  9. yeah same here mate!but i paid alot more than £8m for him! good one on my 09 game, spurs rebuying all the old players they once had - keane, defoe, crouch. but also berbatov and carrick! (highly unlikely!!)
  10. The FM10 Pre-Order Thread

    HAHAHA! that does sound like a nice little investment indeed!
  11. Chelsea transfer ban

    damnit man you beat me to it! just been on sky sports news. something to do with gael kukata. 2 transfer windows not 2 years. cannot signt a player untill january 2011!! big news
  12. my best mates used to play for everton but im not really into football. his name's wayne rooney. any good is he?
  13. currently managing port vale, season 2 in league 1. 11th in the league in december. quite happy with that but i have the worst away record in the league. played 7 won 1, drawn 1, lost 5. is it wise to have a completely different formation for the away games instead of just a tweak? like a defensive 4-5-1 instead of my 4-4-2 for example? if it wasnt for the away games id be on the edge of the play offs, which would be rather dandy
  14. The Allnighter Challenge

    wish i could do this but it takes about 7 all-nighters for me to finish a season!
  15. Miles on talksport

    i missed it?? noooo. i finish work when andy and porky finish and hawksbee starts. gutted:(