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  1. Model Name: Macbook Pro (15 inch, Late 2013) Running Mojave 10.14.2 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 - Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB Running in Full Screen usually, but attempted Windowed to see if anything improved - it didn't. Never had any issues until today, where it's noticeable sluggish, not just during Matches but every single screen really, menus are hard to navigate and the fans are constant. I've always ran it on High Quality, utilising 3D and with Safari (and other things sometimes) running in the background and have never had any issues with it, or if I have I've simply closed out of something else and it improves... but I've tried everything, including lowering quality and quitting every other application, and its still basically unplayable.
  2. Ive had two collapsed takeovers at Birmingham (least thats realistic as Carson Yeung's an absolute joke to work with IRL). Did manage to request more wage budget which let me bring back Keith Fahey and Morgaro Gomis to the club after being released by us in the summer. Just getting into December now, sitting in 6th which isn't bad and totally unexpected for me as I thought id struggle. Dan Burn is a colossus at the back for me, and starts for England U21s... gonna be a shame to lose him at the end of the season. Wanted to be taken over by January ready to spend some cash but nothing August: Watford (H) 1-1 (Novak) Yeovil (A) 2-0 (Ferguson x2) Brighton (H) 0-1 Leicester (A) 3-0 (Burn x2, Shinnie) Ipswich (H) 2-2 (Arthur x2) September QPR (A) 1-1 (Shinnie) Burnley (A) 2-1 (Burke, Ferguson) Sheff Weds (H) 0-1 Reading (A) 1-4 (Adeyemi) October: Millwall (H) 4-1 (Zigic x2, Burke, Aloneftis) Bolton (H) 2-1 (Arthur x2) Leeds (A) 3-0 (Burke, Ferguson, Arthur) Derby (A) 0-2 November: Charlton (H) 1-2 (Ferguson) Huddersfield (A) 2-1 (Burn, Zigic) Blackpool (H) 3-2 (Burke x2, Noone o.g) Barnsley (A) 2-2 (Burn, Zigic) League Cup: Plymouth (H) 2-2 (Ferguson x2) *won on pens MK Dons (H) 4-1 (Hancox x2, Lee, Arthur) Man City (H) 0-3
  3. Managed to get Lovenkrands off it (have to pay him £4k a week for a season though.. saved myself £11k so worth it), Hayden Mullins and Paul Robinson have also been moved on. Lovenkrands - £0 Mullins - £150k Robinson - £100k Put all that into wages as, Ambrose and Zigic are injured and look like will be stuck here (cant see anyone coming in and taking Zigic's £60k contract off us, so be lumbered with him a year) Signed a couple thankfully... Roland Linz - £100 (lol!) Curtis Good - 3 month loan Stathis Aloneftis - Season loan As for good performers for me currently, massive praise for Randolph in goal, Neal Eardley (who ive been forced to play centre back due to fitness/injuries and he's been great), Hancox who is getting 8+'s every game and Shane Ferguson my top scorer from left wing.
  4. Know the feeling, im constantly bringing in dozens of trialists to try and find a gem or two in there for little wage... preparing for a hopeful takeover so I can sign them then. Have asked for a parent club as could do with a bit of help with loanees with no wage, but there seems to be no club who will allow me to loan players short term with no wage coverage sadly
  5. Im a Birmingham fan, and, being ill this weekend, am now sitting down to start a season with us. Expect an incredibly tough one with our dodgy owners, no money, and Nikola Zigic injury prone and on £60k a week! Looking to stabilise ourselves (hopefully under a new owner) before trying to kick on back to the Prem. Should be fun/frustrating.
  6. I got Alaba for £24m too, bargain considering Evra's age and wage... sold him off for £4m so Alaba basically cost me £20m. Ins: Alaba - £24m Inigo Martinez - £13m Tom Ince - £3m (surprisingly good for me too, needed a cheap winger late in the window as Nani/Valencia/Kagawa and Giggs all injured) Keisuke Honda - £1.6m (could've got him for free in December but wanted him now) Out: Alex Buttner - £7.5m Patrice Evra - £4m Ashley Young - £12.5m
  7. I understand a minor update was rolled out earlier wasnt it? The clicking issue has gotten worse with it ive found too. Its very very difficult to 'click and drag' for example players positions in tactics or for substitutions during matches. The 'menus' don't work as they did beforehand, for example when you highlight 'Calm' in team talks it used to pop up the next talks to give... now you need to click it, which rarely works unless you give it 5 or 6 attempts at a click
  8. Yeah double checked that, still seems to happen on the Beta, will report again on it tomorrow and see how its gone
  9. If thats the normal 'mouse' pad on the Macbook Pro then yeah I am, do I need to change something? As I say, it works fine on everything else on here, and also worked fine on FM13 etc
  10. Im currently on a Macbook Pro, will see if it improves, if not will raise it again
  11. Hi, is it just me or do people have to 'double click' everything to access it. Am I missing something during the game, but im seemingly having to click it 2 or 3 times to get something to 'check' or even open... whereas off FM, it works instantly with just the one click? Is there a setting I need to sort out for this to work?
  12. I wanted to do what I did last year but seems Shopto have closed that loophole. They allowed you to click 'pre-order' and not pay for anything... yet still were given the code on your "My Orders" page... you could then play the Beta from day 1 till it finished, and in the meantimeI shopped about and got the GMG deal on it in the end, and cancelled the Shopto one. Having just tried the same, it seems now you need to click "activate code" to get it, and you're then not allowed to cancel the pre-order... guess ill shop around now
  13. On the BETA (I was Birmingham) and kept an eye on him, due to his real life exploits, and he was the top goalscorer in the Championship for 2 straight seasons, second season I think with near to 30 goals, despite them finishing just above the relegation zone. Id won the league, and noticed he'd handed in a transfer request... so I bought him in for £4m... and havent regretted it. Had him playing as a poacher, upfront on his own, with two pacey wingers either side, and he scores for fun.
  14. Nice to see the constant winger to winger goal is still in. *sighs*
  15. Had to pop out (of all nights, tonight! Grrr) Back now and wondering who to start a fresh one with after my BETA experiment one with my beloved Birmingham. Hmmm.
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