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  1. interesting, it would be useful to see if you can insert modified db in tablet versions
  2. nikeddy

    Editor Poll

    Absolutely yes insert an editor for fmt (desktop and tablet edition).
  3. nikeddy

    FMT19 avaliable!

    in site im see : a full list of compatible device be annunced in early October.... yes..but where is it? IPAD/TABLET A full list of compatible devices will be announced in early October
  4. nikeddy

    [Italy] Data Issues

    il contratto di cr7 ha un errore, il suo stipendio netto e' 30 milioni l'anno. l'impatto economico, quindi il costo azienda pesa per la societa' per piu' di 68 milioni. non capisco il valore inserito nel database : Cr7 = 57, e' un lordo approssimato, ma alla fine forse era meglio inserire i valori "Netti" che guadagnano i calciatori, al fine di eliminare il discorso "tasse" dal gioco.
  5. nikeddy

    Switching to FMT

    db editor in fmtouch tablet or enable custom databases (maybe created with the desktop version is fine) is fundamental and I think it is the only real new feature needed for fm touch tablet. in addition, the choice of database size and the management of training must be included.
  6. not only that, i want fm2019 and fm2019 touch is identical, simply
  7. excuse. I would simply say that fmtouch must be integrated into Fm, allowing a complete management of the game. and complete portability.
  8. on the site, in the fmtouch section, there is a list written in October.
  9. I can not understand the management management of the game. why bring out a "touch" version that is clearly for tablets, which is poorly integrated into the game. It seems that there are problems from the technical and development side. The game on touch must be a plus, bringing fm and the touch version (which I believe the future saw the gaming market) that communicate. You play at Fm and if you want to continue on the tablet. Limit it this way, it seems to me really a pity.
  10. the thing that I can not stand, is that for fm on smartphone you can put a custom db, and there 'the editor. on touch nothing. so why create the touch version if it is so limited? should instead be integrated into FM, and with the cross play.
  11. absurd, I hope that in fm touch 19, even as DLC, there is an editor. The beauty of FM is just being able to edit and modify it as we want, to make it immortal. I'm available to test this, if needed.
  12. fmvibe make it for fmhandheld: https://fmmvibe.com/files/file/1139-premium-fmm-summer-transfer-update/
  13. I believe instead that it is possible to change the database. are there exactly the databases as in the game, perhaps opening them with an editor?