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  1. the editor in the mobile version exists. it would be interesting to enable it or maybe allow more freedom giving us the possibility to edit the game, which for years and years is the real luck of football manager
  2. will it be possible to make other leagues available? it would be nice to insert db as the fusiondb that enables the Italian D series. its possible enable a league when edit a file ?
  3. For example, close the flip cover or enter black screen for a pause...and game Is blocked. Not work. Its impossible.
  4. If upload the profilo Image, for example upload my photo, the Image rotated... See the screenshot
  5. If switch to home of tablet or see the notification of email and ready the email for example, and return with tablet button in game, the game crash. Please fix it
  6. Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 the tablet is very powerful and compatible, the 8-inch version? does anyone know how he runs with this tablet?
  7. when you generate the db have you tried to put it in the folder of the tablet?
  8. can someone tell me if it's better to play on an 8 or 10 tablet? do you have screenshot or anything? what resolution do you play ?
  9. mipad 4 is a very good tablet, I think there are no problems
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