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    Presidente associazione Italiana eSports -Italiachegioca


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    FM TOURNAMENT..FM italy League

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    Presidente Italia Che Gioca - eSports

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  1. nikeddy

    Come si fa a giocare on line?

    hai due scelte, o modalita' versus (quindi con un altro) facendo una sfida online, o tramite una carriera online. per fare una carriera online, la carichi normalmente, vai in impostazioni spunti "fai da server" e metti user e pass. l'altro che vuole partecipare, fa "cerca una partita online" inserisce il tuo server con la tua password ed entra e sceglie il team. facile. vai su italiachegioca.com/forum
  2. I have problems with the keyboard. if I write I have to press enter to write it. if I reduce it to an icon, on the other hand, neither does the writing. why?
  3. but is there no press interview or ask with player in match?
  4. Tablet 10" ASUS TF303CL 16GB LTE
  5. a player is injured. do not make me change, and match is blocked. watch the video. thank you
  6. nikeddy

    Error in match - not work

    its ok , error is fixed
  7. nikeddy

    Blocked in splash screen

    Ok all work Reset the device and all work.
  8. Just updated ... now it does not open anymore. stays locked to the home screen. I also reinstalled. Help
  9. nikeddy

    Error in match - not work

    Nothing. The game starts, then asks me to confirm the tactical changes, and stops. Please do the patch! It is unplayable.
  10. nikeddy

    FMT Wishlist Thread

    one.... the possibility to select the size of the database. exactly like fm...
  11. nikeddy

    ingame editor

    hopefully, I saw the folders and are similar to the classic version, only does not take the fmf. with an editor you increase the experience. we hope include it.
  12. is it planned to insert an editor for the touch version?
  13. nikeddy

    Error in match - not work

    thank you!! I hope the fix comes out soon..