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  1. I do not know if you already have been reported , but if the effect login with social ( twich ) I crash , then the game does not work the space bar that allows you to scroll through the news or keep going. and game is slow...
  2. it runs,but it not accept changes in the league.....
  3. oooohhh yesss thank you a lot !!!
  4.'re right....
  5. i tried to use an old db ( fm11's db with something changed in italy)....but i'm not able to load italy,could anyone help me and find a way to load italy ??? thankhs
  6. I don't find the editor in my mac ???? How i can found it ??? where is it exactly ?
  7. player screenshots and other, see :
  8. .... exactly ... but the week is not over ... Furthermore, the date was taken from the web and if you want further proof enough that you're looking for on wikipedia ...
  9. There are many rumors that the demo will come out ', we hope, but nowhere, it was said that the demo will be released soon. has been published that clearly do not know when it comes out. Please pay more attention.
  10. The largest community for Italian football manager! All About Football really managers and Fmlive. Download, screenshots, patches, previews, prizes, and much more with the best staff of web Fm! On Challenge online opponents from around the world with DUEL ZONE! Fmlive also seeks also to users outside dall'italia open to other users! Join us! Community Fmlive The Best of Football Manager in the World
  11. Hello! Football Manager League is the largest online competition of football manager. Create your team and take it to a successful defiance of the most powerful player in the world. The first online competition on the Fm found directly at: all about: See All Nikeddy
  12. use an Editor... this is scout...
  13. I have found this bug... When i search players if i select in the menu the filter voice "European", the search doesn't work...