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  1. Round 3 To win: Yeovil Town To Lose: Colchester Date & Time: 26/02 @ 19:45 Stake: £11.52 Odds 7/5 Return: £27.64 Bookie: William Hill
  2. To win: Cardiff To Lose: Wolves Date & Time: 24/02 @ 14:00 Stake: £4.80 Odds 7/5 Return: £11.52 Bookie: William Hill
  3. Team to win: Barnsley Team to lose: Wolves Date and Time of fixture: 7:45 19th Feb. Stake: £2 Odds: 7/5 Returns: £4.80 Bookmaker used: William Hill
  4. To win: R van Barneveld To lose: S.Whitlock Day and Time of fixture: 19/04/12 - 19.15 Stake: £2 Odds: 5/4 Returns: £4.50 Bookmaker used: Skybet
  5. millsch

    The £2 to £1000 challenge #4

    Team to win:Gillingham Team to lose:Burton A Day and Time of fixture:Tues 7:45 Stake: £2 Odds:23/20 Returns:£4.30 Bookmaker used:William Hill
  6. I thought he said "I don't know how you f**king won that"
  7. millsch

    Darts World Championships

    Andy Jenkins' ban is 2 years but 20 months of that is suspended so effectively he has a 4 month ban. This means he will miss the Players Championship Finals, which he had qualified for,and he will not be able to qualify for the UK Open.He will also miss 11 of the 34 players championship events making it difficult for him to qualify for any of the other majors though not impossible.
  8. millsch

    Darts World Championships

    Top 6 are Taylor, Barny, Wade, Jenkins, King and Baxter. I thought all year Anderson was a cert for a wildcard but now its tough with Lewis and Whitlock both highly deserving a place on their performances over the World Champs. I doubt Webster's done enough to push himself into the reckoning but they are wild cards so who knows. I can't see Whitlock not getting an invite now and I would favour Lewis ahead of Anderson though only time will tell.
  9. millsch

    Darts World Championships

    Webster will play winner of Lewis v Taylor
  10. Back to the bomb, this is from memory and may be wrong but didn't Sayid say that he hadn't seen so much concrete since Chernobyl upon seeing The Swan station.
  11. More likely that it's a little nod to Oldham being the Dharma torturer who gave Sayid the drugs, though you never know with lost.
  12. Rose and her husband Bernard were last seen earlier this series during the flaming arrow attack. Claire's last appearance was at the end of series 4 in Jacob's cabin when her father Christian told Locke that he had to move the island.
  13. Christian was the representation of the island which had been stopping Michael killing himself until he had done 'his work'. By saying "you can go now" He has done his work, keeping the battery below zero until the helicopter can lift off, and can now die.
  14. Not sure how that works given 'the world' would be aware that she wasn't up the duff when she got on the plane? </div></BLOCKQUOTE> The story implies that Aaron was already born at the time of the crash, 8 survivors and 2 died later. Though how that works with the flight manifest I don't know
  15. I would have thought Charlie would be one of the 2 crash survivors that later die as he spoke to Penny off island before he died.