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  1. With\without ball is going to have to come back!!! This is getting more and more clear to me. Why is it that now that we have the opportunity to see the whole game, where we actually see what is wrong with the tactic, there is no chance to do major adjustments. I feel that the tactics schemes are back at the system we had at CM1. I really miss the with\without ball, escpecially when I see the headless decisions from the players. Of course there are some tactics out there that will help me win every game, but what is the big deal about doing so? When I put up a tactic I put it the way I feel it would have worked out in real life. When it doesn't work in the FM engine, I really can't make myself adjust to something I find unrealistic in real life, by using one of your supertactics. It's like when you could play with 2 DC and the rest on top on CM2.. It is just too stupid... My point is: Get the with\without ball back. So you can make adjustments when you can SEE that the players are going into the wrong positions.
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