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  1. @Ben Allingham Have uploaded my save to the SI Cloud now as 'Parma save Ben Parker'
  2. Yes can do - what's the best way to send this to you?
  3. When I'm going back to review older games from earlier in the season and click to view the goals or highlights, I'm sometimes having a situation where the highlights appear to be totally separate from the recorded result; the goals are different, the scores don't match, and the scorers may be different too. Hard one to explain - but take this Parma v Fiorentina match below, which finished 3-1 - with Inglese getting a hat trick (this is what I remember happening): When I go to view the highlights however, the game has apparently finished 1-1, and the scorers are Rigoni and Graiciar (and I don't recall these highlights at all): Notice the details in the top scroll bar of highlights above the pitch. Has anyone else had this? I'm on the latest version of the full game, 19.1.1
  4. Appreciate the work on this. When using the Base 2018 Touch Dark skin and this panels mod, I'm having some issues with buttons not showing up on the match screen (see the variation in the couple of screenshots below - in the top left of screen, the 'pitch, tactics analysis updates' row of buttons is missing when I'm using the mod). How can I fix this?
  5. I am seeing what feels like too many penalties in my save game with Sassuolo. Admittedly I'm sure the real life average is higher than I would expect, but I'm pretty much seeing at least one, if not more, awarded in every single game.
  6. Thanks so much for your work on this, really appreciated and it's working well for me. When the game cuts to half time, I'm still occasionally getting the game show a flash of the 3d stadium before it cuts to the static background. Is there any way to eliminate that little delay at all? I'm guessing probably not.
  7. Excellent, thanks for looking into this!
  8. Just finished my first season with Udinese. Finished 3rd overall which I was pretty satisfied with, although only missed out on 2nd by one point to Juventus. Inter walked the title again. I guess this wasn't too bad considering I lost both Alexis Sanchez and Isla for 4 months midway through the season. Did however win the Coppa Italia which made up for it. Didn't really make any major signings, only adding Tiago Dutra from Villarreal for £725k and Borja Baston from Atletico for £650k. Did anyone else find Di Natale to be inconsistent? I'm trying to offload him this offseason as his attributes are starting to slide. I'm hoping to get enough of a transfer budget to buy an adequate replacement. Tactically I stayed loyal to Udinese's real life 3-5-2, with Armero and Isla rushing down the flanks. I didn't score many goals (plenty of 1-0 wins), but only conceded 16 goals all season, which I was pretty impressed with. Zapata was a star defender at the back, and Handanovic made some incredible saves. Not sure I need to bring too many more players in during the summer, but a consistent goal-scorer is the real key to our league challenge in 2011/2012.
  9. Sorry, forgot to add one more: Georgi Asparuhov-Levki Sofia
  10. Ricardo Zamora- Barcelona or Real Madrid José Samitier Vilalta- Barcelona Paulino Alcántara- Barcelona Eduard Streltsov-Torpedo Moscow
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