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  1. Started a new 16.3 save and took the England job (I know) but got bored waiting between games so applied for the vacant job at rock bottom Nottingham Forest (15 games in) to keep my interest up until the England games, started using this tactic and it's flying, with 44 games played and two points off the lead (4th place) and it's going down to the wire for promotion or a play off spot. Absolutely loving this tactic, considering there's a transfer embargo at Forest and not been able to sign anyone (even loans) plus a few long term injuries. I think I've only lost 3 league games out of 29 I've p
  2. Cheers Franky, even though I've been clearing them it's been lethal so far, scoring goals for fun, 38 goals in 16 games.
  3. Tactic is working a treat for me, playing as Hull City (FM Touch) and so far so good, great tactic Franky. One question though, I can't see any mention of OI's in the opening post, do you use any? my assistant has been selecting them automatically but I keep clearing his suggestion just in case. http://imgur.com/PZF7y3j
  4. I don't quite understand what the above means? Does it mean individual training? like WB has individual training as a FB etc ? EDIT: I think I understand what it means now, if one of my FB's isn't described as a WB then change accordingly? and so one with other roles?
  5. My mistake, thought asking here was better than starting a thread. Apologies for being a naughty boy, this forum is rather hostile lately.
  6. Has the loan rules changed? I'm playing as Hull City in the second season (now in the premiership) and got Isaac Hayden on loan again and wanted to bring back Chuba Akpom, but the news states that I've already reached my loan limits from Arsenal for the season and cancelled the loan. I only have one Arsenal player on loan (Hayden)
  7. No probs, thanks for your reply regardless :-)To anyone else that can help, is it possible to save OI's? Never mind, I asked this on Twitter and you cannot save OI's. Pointless having the option on the tactics screen imo.
  8. Thanks, I did try that but when it comes to the game it hasn't saved the instructions for some reason or other.
  9. Is it possible to save opposition instructions? if so, then how is it done? Thanks in advance :-)
  10. I've only just downloaded the demo so forgive this dumb question. I like to play 4-3-3 with the two outside midfield players (mcl & mcr) running wide with the ball, but in FM16 I can just not see that option, has it been removed? Thanks in advance :-)
  11. I thought I'd give this a go with Hull City (season 4) (using a summer transfer update edit) I implemented it during the start of the season with only 3 games played using a different tactic, so it wasn't fully fluid (risky I know) and still isn't. Here's some results so far. The first game against Chelsea was awful, they just ran riot with me, but after that the results started coming. I can only imagine how good it's going to be once it's fully fluid, lethal probably. Enjoying the tactic, it's fast and frantic, and tons of goals.
  12. I downloaded this so I could start a new game with Hull City, only issue is Benik Afobe has been added to the Hull City squad and he's actually at Wolves. Not too fussed though (he's scored 24 goals so far) apart from that all seems good A lot of work has gone into the database so all credit to you :-)
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