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  1. Used to be some record thread around too while ago, with all these kinda things listed O_x
  2. Without any doubt, one of the most solid tactics for FM to be posted here
  3. When i hover over weekly wage, id like to see monthly amount and his year amount and otherway around for ppl who chose another way of display as main, as now its only possible by reloading settings
  4. description sais no playmaker targetman, yet its all marked on in tactics? Overseeing? intenional?
  5. A way I already can see how much stars the coach is rated on the "search staff" So I dont need to actually start calculating myself who'd be the best coach of the guys I filterd or use 3rd party tools to calculate for me
  6. for me in first half season I believe i conceded 3 indentical corner goals 2 nd post CB owning all Did you mean in general play? or out of corners? As of the moment my CB still goes 1/2 match ratio for corner goals, ok maybe 1out of 3, but still doing very well
  7. You load it at the player search screen then you will have it as a pre set filter
  8. Think you need to reduce the closing down a bit, especially when its raining?
  9. Err you just have to load the file ingame, its just a .tac?
  10. Thats amazing results JP, do you use mr hough filters for the players? Or are the ones displayed from the TC quite spot on for the positions?
  11. When I compare players I should be able to highlight, deep striker needed stats etc the all the descriptions of the new TC and also perhaps they could be standard filters ingame already by those positions also, players would just have to adjust it themself a bit towards the standards of their clubs
  12. You import the files at the player search screen, at the filters tab
  13. sorta small fix, when I ask for training facility upgrade and it gets approved then the option should just be greyed out and displayed that its currently due for a upgrade ... And also an graphic option tickbox for a display of notches on the sliders. ...
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