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  1. A couple of days ago I noticed that Sports Interactive had two folders in my documents library, one of which just contained the sound folder inside the football manager 2013 folder, and the other contained everything else (including another sound folder). I thought this was strange so I deleted the SI folder that just solely contained the sound folder. After that I went and played FM and it worked fine. Anyway, the next day I just happened to go into my documents library and it's reappeared! Is this normal???
  2. Cool.. looks like I will do that. What would happen to stats of players in leagues that are not already selected? For example, say I add the English and Italian leagues and I wanted to buy a player from the Championship and Serie B, but the players I want were not originally in the data base due to my game save being from a quick play in Scotland. Would their stats for the 2012-13 season up until January 2013 be completely generated randomly? Eg: Lua Lua from Brighton Played 22 scored 10.
  3. First of all, I am loving the demo and cannot wait until the game comes out, unfortunately I won't be playing it until the 8th though as the wife is demanding I open it then and not before (super gutted!). Anyway, my question. I am aware that the demo game save is transferable over to the full game, but what will this do in regards to the size of data base? Selecting the size of a data base is usually a thing you do before starting a game, not during. And despite the fact my last previously owned copy of Football Manager was FM 2010, I am sure things haven't changed that much. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  4. Windows 7 home premium 64 bit Intel pentium P6200 @ 2.13 Ghz 2.00Gb RAM The graphics card I have is the one that came with it when I got it in March this year. It's a Intel graphics & media card. I understand that if it does run, it will be basic top down old school view, but that doesn't bother me. Any insight to this would be greatly appreciated. If it doesn't run I'm pretty screwed as its already been bought for me from amazon for my birthday lol. Cheers in advance.
  5. Hi, new to this site, but not to Football Manager. After a hiatus of 3 years I am back but have noticed that the specifications of FM have changed dramatically since I last owned a copy of Football Manager. I was just wondering if my laptop (which isn't that old) could run FM 2013. Here are the specs: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Intel Pentium P6200 @ 2.13 GHz 2 Gb RAM Because this laptop isn't built for video gaming in the slightest of respects it does contain a graphic chip, albeit a rather crap one from Intel. It's basically a bog standard Intel Graphics Chip. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  6. i think he means football manager, mate..... maybe?
  7. I've just realised that I had my PC connected to my mums internet at the time of the release of the .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1, which was back in November 08. Is there any chance with it being a Service Pack, that it's already on my PC? And is there any way that I can check otherwise?
  8. Cool... I do have a 1gig memory stick on me right now... So if I click on the link then I will be able to download it onto that then install it via that?? How big is the framework file? and the fmrte? Someone reply asap as I am goin home soon! lol Thanks :)
  9. do I have to have the internet on my pc to install the framework?
  10. Is there any way I can get the fmrte without the framework?? I dont have intenet access on my pc so i reply on gig sticks on transfering files to my pc. any help????
  11. So what is the framework thing all about?
  12. I have windows vista.. is fmrte going towork on my pc with no problems?
  13. I love the little circled blobs! Though I am presently playing my matches with just the commentary as I'm getting better and more realistic results.
  14. Here's what I want to see in Football Manager 2009: 1. Fairer results. A team with 30+ shots on & off target should not lose a game when the opposition had only a couple. 2. This is probably linked with No.1, but stil, I feel the need to add this.. A return to the match engine used in the 7.0.2 patch of FM07 - at least things ran more smoothly and match day events were a wee bit more realistic compared to FM08s shambolic excuse of a match day engine. 3. I feel International Management needs further tweaked. Friendly dates were bizzarly left out of the 7.0.2 version of FM07 and once again this has happened on FM08. Do SI realise that THERE IS friendy dates in February/March, and normally before the major finals (Euro Champs & WC) there are pre-tournament tourneys, friendlies, etc, such as the Kiran Cup, etc, etc. 4. To further add to International management, I feel that calling up duel-nation players need to be fair. Not every player born in Scotland, but has England as his 2nd nationality will want to play for England, even if they started their career down south. And same goes with if they were born in England and started their career down south. A return to FM07s selection process would be welcomed, or indeed a tick box to either select declaration on or off at the start of the game, or in Preferences. 4. The Highland League added as a Playable league in Scotland! And if it doesn't break any potential Licence agreement - the option to add divisions to a country's national league set-up.. eg: A League 3, and then what would proceed after that would be the Conference/Non-League divisions, or maybe add the Highland League as a division that can worked as a non-league division...that would be mental! 5. More stats and attributes added to a Human Managers profile and the option to add more than one favourite team, and also the option to add favourite players too. 6. This one baffles me completely as it should be in FM08 as it should've been in FM07 aswell. Where is the option to be critical to a player that is on-loan at you team? You simply cannot do it, and therefore should be either implicated in the 8.0.2 patch of FM08, or indeed added to Football Manager 2009. 7. Some people in real life actually have MORE than just 2 nationalities. My fiancee is Scottish, English and Canadian, and this option should maybe be added aswell to Human Managers. Also, the option to maybe select additional languages if you don't have any other nationality. 8. I know it's a footy manager sim, but more internal club interaction would be nicer. this could range from anything really, but for an example, your Chairman/Club Owner/President could approach you to ask you if the club should expand the capacity of the stadium, and also by how much. 9. This is more of a re-intoduction, rather than a new thing, but in finances in the 7.0.0 version of FM07, you were able to check more-or-less everything financially about clubs in the countries you have selected in the Finance section of FM. Now you can only check who is the richest club... I liked the old way better 10. An option to add Career stats to your profile as you would find if you checked Gareth Southgate, etc. I think that would make it look a wee smidge more realistic as in a human manager side of things. Any feedback on my suggestions would be great!
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